Newcastle International Airport

Newcastle Airport is a major international airport located to the west of Newcastle and is about 45 mins to 60 mins by car from Alnmouth.  You can also travel by bus to Newcastle but the journey is much longer and will take about 90 mins to get to the airport requiring getting off at the REGENT CENTRE in Gosforth and taking the METRO or transferring to the METRO (recommended) at the Newcastle Bus Station at HAYMARKET. 

Newcastle International Airport

It is also quick by train from ALNMOUTH STATION to Newcastle Central Station although you will have to either catch the bus from Alnmouth or hire a taxi to get you to ALNMOUTH STATION.  On arrival at Newcastle you will either need to take a taxi or the METRO, which is near the ticket office near the entrance and through the ticket barriers, to get to the Airport.  At the METRO you will need to take the Platform to the LEFT at the bottom of the stairs.  Make sure you get the AIRPORT train as the other train goes towards BENTON and beyond.

Metro to the Airport

Edinburgh International Airport

Edinburgh Airport also serves major international and internal routes and is used frequently by those people who wish to travel to Ryanair destinations.  It is about 100 miles from Alnmouth but a relatively easy journey by car along the A1 picking up the Western ByPass around EDINBURGH following the signs for the Airport.


If travelling by train there is an airport coach which picks up passengers about every 15 mins from EDINBURGH WAVERLEY station and tickets can be purchased in advance (recommended)

The link to book connections from Edinburgh Waverley and the Airport (and returns) is here:

AIRLINK Stand at Waverley
AIRLINK Stand at Edinburgh
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