The Ferry Hut Museum


Down by the harbour is the smallest museum in Northumberland, if not the country. The Ferry Hut used to give shelter to the ferry-man who rowed passengers across the River Aln; a service now sadly lapsed.

The Hut was rented from Northumberland Estates, restored, and turned into a museum of local history and memorabilia.   It is open each day, entry is free and it is looked after, paid for, and maintained by a local resident.

Press release

From the Guardian Newspaper:


Outside, lazy fishing boats sprawl across the weathered estuary. Inside, there's less floor space than a fitted wardrobe. The ferryman's hut in Alnmouth may be squat and black as pitch, but it's a bite-size treat, considered by the parish council to be smallest museum in the country. Up until the 1960s, this cosy nook was used by the ferryman, who would row passengers back and forth across the estuary of the river Aln. Today, framed photos of the hut's history fill the walls, accompanied by assorted trinkets and memorabilia from the village's past. It's hardly the British Museum, but you'll enjoy a good natter with the locals, who curate it from the deckchair outside.

The Ferryman's Hut River Aln Estuary
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