The Parish Council


Alnmouth Parish Council represents the Civil Parish of Alnmouth, which comprises the village of Alnmouth itself and the nearby hamlet of High Buston. The Council’s role is to:


  • Represent the local community
  • Provide some services to meet local needs
  • Work to improve the quality of life in the parish


More information about the remit, powers and responsibilities of parish councils is on the Northumberland County Council website ( ). Find the pages on Town and Parish Councils from the index, and then follow the link to “further information”


In Alnmouth, the Parish Council is specifically responsible for the maintenance of:


  • Pease’s Park, including the children’s play equipment
  • Dr Joy’s Garden and the various planters around the village
  • The War Memorial on Shepherds Hill
  • Memorial benches around the village
  • Various waste bins and notices about litter and parking
  • The bus shelters


The Parish Council also represents the residents to NCC over such matters as street lighting, street cleaning, parking and other road traffic issues, and potholes and road resurfacing. It contributes on behalf of the residents to the costs of maintaining the Church Burial Ground and makes occasional small grants to organisations and individuals under its Section 137 powers


The Parish Council contributes to the local planning process, as described on the page describing planning policy


In addition to its general responsibilities, Alnmouth Parish Council also runs an annual Arts Festival, produces a very popular monthly Newsletter, stages an impressive display of Christmas Lights and publishes a booklet of walks around the village which is sold from the village’s shops and Northumberland’s Tourist Information Centres.

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