Briefing for Alnmouth Parish Council

MAY 2018


·         Latest Data Protection Bill has not yet become law.

·         Some or many amendments are likely as it passes through Parliament

·         This applies to information that could be used to identify a living person. In practice this is likely to be addresses email addresses, telephone numbers NI nos. Also applies to information relating to a person’s ethnic origin, political opinions religious leaning Trade Union membership, health Issues

·         The information can be in Hard or Soft format.

·         This info must be processed lawfully

·         Must only be used for the purpose for which it was given

o   ie a person giving a filling a Gift Aid form for the H Hall fund cannot be approached, using this info, for any other purpose.

·         It must be accurate

·         It must not be stored safely and for not longer than necessary

o   Clerk to acquire Encryption software for PC laptop

o   Suggest that all councillors delete PC related emails (keep non-attributable text if you need to).

o   Only use the email address

o   If a PC member receives an email from a villager and wishes to forward this to the rest of the PC then delete the address and only forward the text.

·         APC must appoint a DPO. It is yet to be decided whether the Clerk may fulfil this role. In the interim an alternative should be appointed.

·         All must record all personal data held and if this is shared with a third party. Ask for permission to hold this data.

o   Suggest all councillors clean inboxes and contacts of all unnecessary emails. You must also be able to find data as individuals have the right to have personal data deleted.

·         If an individual wants to know what data we hold we must be able to respond within a month to any “Subject Access Request”

·         To use personal data you must use the Consent Form (on the Website), and the Privacy Notice (on the Website) inform subjects on how long you will keep the data

·         Consult the DPO if the data involves Children (under 16), Information is lost, or there has been a data breach (ie loss of Memory stick, emails sent to the wrong person or equipment has been stolen.)

·         Familiarise yourselves with the Tool Kit and all DP related Forms on the website.


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