ALNMOUTH PARISH COUNCIL MEETING             10TH April 2018 Hindmarsh Hall, 7:30pm.


Present: Mac McHugh (Acting-Chair), Susanne Gair (SG), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD),

William Gilroy (WG), Shaun Whyte (SW), George Ternent (GT), Jill Bourne (JB).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Robbie Moore (RM). Two members of the public – Bill Bourne, Hilda Blythe.





46/18 Apologies


Neil Gale, Harvey Roberts, Gordon Castle (County Councillor).



47/18 Minutes of Previous Meeting

13th March

Proposed: WG

Seconded: GT


48/18 – Declarations of Interest

MM – Business owner.

SW – Planning


49/18 Matters Arising

a)    Church Hill Erosion




b)    Public conveniences Building.




c)    Use of small life boathouse



d)    Memorial Benches Repairs.





e)    Flood Barrier Training


f)     Planning Policy & Neighbourhood Review






a)    SW reviewed the correspondence on this issue so far and reported that Northumberland Estates would review the costs involved in the Summer. SW is continuing to monitor progress on this issue.


b)    NG not present, no progress to report. The Clerk reported complaints about the state of the toilets. RM to look into the complaints.




c)    DD had not yet been in touch with the artist who had expressed interest but noted that the doors required repair. DD to obtain quotes.


d)    DD reported that this was an ongoing project. The Clerk reported no response to the article in the Village Newsletter. MM reported a contact from the family connected with the ‘Willie’ Bench and they were willing for it to be removed if in a poor state of repair. SG noted that she could contact the family connected to a bench in Dr Joy’s Garden.


e)    DD reported that 6 people had attended the Flood Barrier training at the weekend.


f)     SW circulated his review of residential properties in Alnmouth. SW will keep the issue under review. SM has spoken to Lesbury Parish council about their Neighbourhood Plan but noted that there was not much to report at present though it should be noted that such a plan does strengthen a Parish Council’s hand in planning matters.


DD asked if there had been any development in the work requested on the path from Mount Pleasant to the Cemetery. The Clerk reported no response from NCC. RM to chase this.

The Clerk will contact Lesbury Parish Council and Alnmouth Football Club regarding a possible siting of a glass recycling bin near the Football Club Car Park.

RM offered to chase up the issue of damage to the pavement kerb outside the Church/Post Office, due to vans parking there


















Clerk, DD, SG
















Clerk, RM







50/18 Large Boathouse Rent

Deferred to May meeting. MM noted that ABCRA were happy to discuss the rent. A discussion followed regarding inclusion of the business rates in the new rent. SG proposed phasing in the inclusion of the rates starting at £400, WG seconded this, agreed by all.


51/18 Data Protection Legislation


The Clerk reported that new legislation was being introduced covering data protection and Freedom of Information. The Clerk noted that a forthcoming training course should be attended so that the Parish Council could ensure it was complying with the legislation correctly. SW volunteered to attend the £10 course. MM proposed that the course be booked, seconded by SM, agreed by all.


51/17 Council Matters


Robbie Moore reported the following:

·         Parking at the Railway station is being looked at by NCC. The portfolio holder, Glen Sanderson, will attend a Lesbury PC meeting to look at options.

·         RM has spoken to Northumbria Police regarding Speed gun

training. Clerk to place a notice in the village newsletter to request vounteers, 5-6 are required.

·         Two major planning applications are under review at present – Windy Edge and Willowburn.

·         RM is in contact with some Alnmouth residents regarding residential parking options in the village, though RM felt it would be prudent to wait until the Argyle Street scheme has concluded. RM will check to make sure who is responsible for keeping the public informed about this.

·         WG asked if the question of a bus stop outside the Schooner Hotel was a Parish Council responsibility and RM said that it was.



53/18 Reports from Sub-Committees


a)    Arts Festival














b)    Christmas Lights

c)    Village maintenance

d)    Hindmarsh Hall


e)    Planning

























































Planning cont…














f)     Information Boards


a)    Arts Festival – A number of issues were raised regarding the organisation of the Arts Festival in the village. MM and SG agreed to take forward the issues raised, in particular use of entertainment and donations to local schools. It was generally agreed that better communication was required between the AAF Committee and the Parish Council. DD noted that the AAF website was very out of date. The proposals for use of surplus funds held by the AAF Committee were discussed. Two members of the public (Bill Bourne and Hilda Blythe) were given permission to speak and noted that the restoration and display of the village map was an appropriate way of acknowledging the contribution of Alistair Sinton to the village. MM proposed funding £2,650 of the cost of the map restoration, seconded by SM, agreed by all. GT suggested that the existing art group in the village which would appreciate funds rather than create a second group. It was agreed that this area required further discussion at a separate meeting.

b)    Christmas Lights – The Clerk reported that the next event would be the Quiz Night on 18th May.

c)    Village Maintenance – DD reported that Dr Joy’s Garden had been tidied up.

d)    Hindmarsh Hall – JB reported a very successful Food Festival, raising approximately £2,500 for the Hindmarsh Hall Fund.


e)    Planning

Proposal: Proposed extension to garage to create one bedroom

                holiday let annex.

Location: Land West of 10 Wellfield gardens

Applicant: Mr Stephen Willcox

Application No. 17/04006/FUL

Case officer: Area North Team

NCC Response: Letter dated 23rd Feb 2018 – Application withdrawn.

** New application submitted on 5th March – Parish Council objection submitted 28th March.


Proposal: Demolition of rear extensions and replacement with new single storey extension.  Replace existing windows. Form new window, double door and balcony to East elevation. Convert window to double door and raised patio, insert 2 No. roof windows to South elevation. Construct additional car parking to front garden using existing access).  Repair roof and chimneys.

Location: 5, The Wynd, Alnmouth, NE66 2RB

Applicant: Mrs Louise Dybell

Application No.:18/00048/FUL

Case Officer: North Area team – delegated to Stephanie Forster

NCC Decision: Permission granted.


Proposal: Tree Preservation Order application to remove one limb of T1 – Walnut tree, cut back 3 limbs of T2 – Austrian Pine projecting towards house to suitable re-growth point, remove deadwood from T3 – Austrian Pine and remove 4 branches of T4 – Austrian Pine.  Remove Leylandii tree and reduce height of beech hedging to approx. 5 ft. and mixed laurel and holly hedging to approx. 4 ft.


Location:34, Northumberland Street, Alnmouth, NE66 2RA

Applicant: Mr Stephen Lockley

Application No.: 18/00490/PRUTPO

Case officer: North Area Team

NCC Decision: Permission Granted


Proposal: Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 6 (obscuring glazing) of approved planning application 17/02937/FUL to re-site the dwelling away from existing mains sewer and remove the requirement for obscured glass to the South elevation window.

Applicant: Mr Steven Lockley

Application No.: 18/00770/VARYCO

APC Comment: Observations required by 10th April


Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning application 13/03013/FUL in order to make new construction blend in with existing house, add solar panels and alter the internal accommodation of the annex.

Location: The New House, Foxton Road, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Ken Oliver

Application No.: 18/00959/VARYCO

Case Officer: North Area Team

APC Comment: Observations required by 11th April.




Proposal: Construction of pitched roof dormer to existing rear off-shoot and construction of rear sun room and laundry extension.

Location: 3 Lint Close Cottages

Applicant: Mrs Alex Farrington

Application No. 18/01065/FUL

Case Officer: Area North Team

Deadline: 18th April

*SW declared an in interest in the above application as the applicant is a neighbour.


SM reported hazardous parking on the Wynd, causing vehicles to cross to the middle of the road to get past. RM noted that he has raised this as a Highways issue.


f)     Information Boards – SG reported that a letter was to be written to the Burgage Holders of Alnmouth to ask permission for a 6th board and to move one board to another location.

MM, Clerk








Clerk, WG









54/18 Finances

a)    Invoices approved:

1.    MS Office - £59.99

2.    McAfee Virus Scanner - £59.99

3.    Clerk’s Wage/Admin - £271.53

4.    Website - £23.99

5.    Newsletter - £105

6.    Stamps - £4.02




£      IN

£   OUT






Mower Storage












Boathouse Rates




Compensation from Santander




Burgage Holders Lawn Mower Donation



TOTAL = £7,723 Current Account     £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


GT proposed that the above be paid, DD seconded, Agreed.





















55/18 Traffic Issues

·         The Clerk raised the response from Daniel Fraser regarding the removal of the 20min parking signs and their replacement with 2hr signs. Agreed by all present that the request from APC had been to simply remove the signs and not replace them with more signs. Clerk to contact Daniel Fraser.

·         MM raised the subject of cars parking in the bus stop bay outside the Schooner, at night.

·         SM raised the subject of the junction at the top of Northumberland Street. SM noted that not many drivers swing right to go down the Wynd and asked if the right hand lane could be blocked and parking places put in its place. SM noted that this would deter drivers from ignoring the one-way system and would also provide much needed parking. SM noted that this query has been raised several times already and no response received from NCC. SM asked for a progress report from NCC.












56/18 Communications

·         LCR Spring 2018

·         Public Toilets Complaint

·         Being Active Matter email

·         Thank you letters from – CAN, GNAA, NTC, Alnwick Playhouse, Alnwick Foodbank.

·         Composting Leaflets

·         Santander Compensation Letter

·         EVOLIS Speedgun Advert

·         ABCRA Newsletter


57/18 Public Contribution

·         Hilda Blythe asked if consideration could be given to moving the bench in front of the Noticeboard as it restricted the ability of some members of the public to read notices. Hilda also suggested placing another noticeboard in the village.

·         Bill Bourne asked if the old stone bus stop next to the Hindmarsh Hall could be added to the list of items for repair.


58/18 Any Other Matters for Discussion

·         None.



59/18 Date & Time of Next Meeting

8th May, 7:30pm at The Hindmarsh Hall.



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