ALNMOUTH PARISH COUNCIL MEETING             10TH July 2018 Hindmarsh Hall, 7:30pm.


Present: Shaun Whyte (SW) (Chair), Mac McHugh (Vice-Chair), Susanne Gair (SG), David Denton (DD),

William Gilroy (WG), Neil Gale (NG), George Ternent (GT).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk).





91/18 Apologies

Cty Cllrs Gordon Castle and Robbie Moore



92/18 Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed that the minutes of the 10th June represented a true record of the meeting: MM

Seconded: SG


93/18 – Declarations of Interest

MM – Business owner.

DD - Friend of planning applicant


94/18 Public Contribution



95/18 Matters Arising

a)    Public conveniences Building.


b)    Memorial Benches Repairs.








c)    Stone Bus Shelter







d)    Shuttle Bus Proposal




e)    Arriva Bus Route














a)    No progress.




b)    DD noted that most of the benches needed to be painted and it would be best to take professional advice. DD and SW to take a sample bench as a test case to strip and paint.


DD presented a quote of £75 + VAT for a bench at the Shepherds Hill bus stop. Agreed in principle to proceed with purchase. DD to establish how the bench could be fixed to the ground.


c)    DD has examined the roof, which looks watertight. The underside of the roof may need some remedial work, DD to progress this. SW has informed the residents who asked to buy the shelter that it is not for sale. SW to establish confirmation of ownership from NCC.



d)    SW reported that the Burgage Holders are making enquiries with local businesses and he awaits the result of this. Deferred to September meeting.


e)    SW has written o Arriva and awaits a response. SW will make enquiries with Cllr Robbie Moore about his progress with his Arriva investigations.















96/18 Finance

a)    To approve expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council


GT proposed that the following invoices be agreed. Seconded by SW, agreed by all.

1.    Clerk’s Wage/Admin - £299.70

2.    Website - £23.99

3.      Stamps - £4.02

4.    Newsletter - £105

5.    RoSPA - £92.40




£     IN

£   OUT






Printer Ink








Petrol for Mower




Boathouse Repairs




Boathouse Repairs




Boathouse rates Rebate



£11,096.06  Current Account                      £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


97/18 Parish Council Vacancies

The Clerk reported that there had been four applicants for the three vacancies. A vote took place and the following applicants were elected to the three vacancies:

Hilda Blythe

Carl Stewart

Ed Williams


Clerk to inform the new Parish Councillors and report to NCC Democratic Services.


98/18 Large Boathouse Rent

SW presented a draft agreement with ABCRA which was discussed and amendments made. SW to present amended agreement to ABCRA and will report back at September meeting.


99/18 Church Hill

SW has been in correspondence with Northumberland Estates. No decision has been taken by the Estates on progressing repairs and none will be taken this financial year. SW will continue to monitor the situation.


100/18 Local Transport Plan

A number of suggestions were made. NG noted the path alongside Hipsburn Primary School required repair. SG suggested asking for the Arriva bus to be re-routed through the village again. SW to write to Cllrs Castle and Moore. A suggestion to remove the white parking bay signs was made. Parking to go on September agenda.


101/18 RoSPA Playpark Inspection

WG noted some points raised in the report, including the height of the swing seats. NG to go through the report thoroughly and report back on all areas to be addressed.


102/18 Council Matters





No County Councillors present.



103/18 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Arts Festival




b)    Christmas Lights


c)    Village maintenance































d)    Hindmarsh Hall




e)    Planning













Planning cont…











f)     Information Boards



a)    Arts Festival – The Parish Council congratulated the Festival Committee on a very successful festival. SW had met with Andrew Scott and a healthy profit was made. SW suggested a meeting in Autumn to Item to discuss areas to spend the Arts Festival funds. GT noted that the Chapel Art Group would welcome a donation for tutors.

b)    MM noted that, in the interests of safety, a cherry-picker should be used to put up the displays this year.

c)    DD reported that a local company had volunteered to paint the white fence at the top of Lover’s Walk. Agreed by all for DD to progress this.


DD noted that the hedge on the opposite side of the road to the Weslyan Chapel is overgrown and causing an obstruction. DD to speak to the property owners.


DD noted that Adam Bell’s bike to advertise his business was damaged. MM and SW will speak to Adam Bell.


The Clerk reported that Robin Winder required clarification on whether his work. Strimming Lover’s Walk was an ad hoc arrangement. Agreed that this was the best arrangement. SW to report back to Robin Winder.


GT reported a complaint from a resident regarding leaves on the path from the Hope & Anchor to the War Memorial. Clerk to speak to NCC.


 GT reported that the Lawn Mower was now fixed at no extra cost to the Parish Council.


The Clerk reported that there had been a complaint regarding one of the walks in the ‘Alnmouth on Foot’ booklet. Clerk to investigate.


DD noted the path from the cemetery to Mount Pleasant was still in a dangerous state of repair. Clerk to chase this up with NCC.


d)    DD had no figures to report but noted that funding had been applied for. SW reported that the Parish Council Strawberry Tea at the Friary had been a success.


e)    DD reported the following applications

Planning Proposal: Widen gate entrance in boundary wall.

Location: 20 Argyle street

Applicant: Mr Philip Stark

Number: 18/1395/FUL

Decision: Granted


Planning Proposal: Construction of single storey extension

Location: The Heugh, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr William Bourne

Number: 18/02066/FUL

Case Officer: North Area Team

Observations to be received by: 13th July 2018

Proposal: Garage extension with roof accommodation to create dressing room and storage area.

Location: Hallsteads, 33 Northumberland Street.

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Jobling-Purser

Application No.18/01471/FUL

Decision: Granted


Northumberland Local Plan: Regulation 18 Draft Plan Consultation 4th July to 15th August – Please contact for further information.


SG asked that the appreciation of the Parish Council to Helen Holden and Adrian Ostler/Alnmouth Local History Society be minuted. All agreed that the proofs of the Boards looked amazing. A discussion of plinths and posts for individual boards took place. SG to speak the Chairman of the Burgage Holders about the placement of the boards on Burgage Land.







































































104/18 Communications

·         Request for display of letter on residential parking A resident had requested the publication of the residential parking letter sent to Argyle Street residents. Agreed to publicise the deadline date and the NCC contact details for registering comments.

·         Clerk's & Councils Direct

·         The Clerk (July)

·         Statement of Principles Consultation

·         Glasdon Catalogue

·         Request for refund - Jimmy Campbell

·         AONB Partnership Meeting Report

·         Alnmouth on Foot Correction

·         Central Northumberland VCS Network meeting

·         Schooner Hotel Complaint – to be passed on to the Schooner Hotel


105/18 Any Other Matters for Discussion

·         NG reminded the Parish Council that Janice Edwards had asked for a brown tourist information sign to direct the public to the B&B on Argyle Street. Clerk to remind Cllr Moore that he had agreed to look into this.

·         SW raised the issue of the marathon/half-marathon in the village at the end of July. Agreed be all to monitor this event.



106/18 Date & Time of Next Meeting

11th September, 7:30pm at The Hindmarsh Hall.




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