ALNMOUTH PARISH COUNCIL MEETING             13TH June 2018 Hindmarsh Hall, 7:30pm.


Present: Shaun Whyte (SW) (Chair), Mac McHugh (Vice-Chair), Susanne Gair (SG), David Denton (DD),

William Gilroy (WG), Neil Gale (NG), George Ternent (GT).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Robbie Moore (RM).

Parish Council Meeting May 2018





77/18 Apologies




78/18 Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed that the minutes represented a true record of the meeting: SG

Seconded: WG


79/18 – Declarations of Interest

MM – Business owner.

DD -


80/18 Matters Arising

a)    Public conveniences Building.



b)    Memorial Benches Repairs.




c)    Planning Policy & Neighbourhood Review


d)    Stone Bus Shelter









a)    No progress.


b)    The Clerk reported that the Ghani and Bettess families had asked what type of bench should be purchased. Agreed it should be a hardwood bench, conventional design and not painted. It was requested that the families should let the Parish Council have an idea of what they proposed to purchase. GT noted the ‘Baxter’ bench in the park needed repair. DD to speak to the family concerned. DD noted that many benches needed to be painted. After a discussion it was agreed that the first step was to compile a list and trace the owners.


c)    No report.



d)    DD noted that the roof needed to be repaired. The Clerk reported a request to buy the Bus Shelter from a local resident. Following a short discussion, a decision was made, not to agree to the sale of the bus shelter, SW to send a letter of reply. DD reported a request from the Hindmarsh Hall to use the Bus Shelter and proposed agreeing to its use for the sale of seasonal produce, WG seconded, agreed by all. GT felt that there should be a time-limit in this agreement.

DD to obtain a quote for roof repairs.



DD, Clerk




82/18 Finance

a)    To approve expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council


NG proposed that the following invoices be agreed. Seconded by GT, agreed by all.

1.    Clerk’s Wage/Admin - £299.70

2.    Website - £23.99

3.    Newsletter - £105

4.    Colour Printer Ink £75.12 (50% to be paid out of Christmas Lights Fund)

NG proposed that the above be paid, MM seconded, Agreed





£     IN

£   OUT






Hall Hire – Meetings




Bridge Viewing Area Fencing




Nickalls Accountants– Accounts & Internal Audit




Wages/Admin/NALC Course & Website




Petrol for Mower




Zurich Insurance




NALC Subscription



TOTAL = £11,358.77 Current Account     £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


83/18 Parish Council Vacancies

The Clerk reported that there had been no requests for an election on the three vacancies. The Parish Council could, therefore proceed with co-option at it earliest convenience.

The Clerk will place a notice in the village newsletter and on the website and noticeboard.


84/18 Large Boathouse Rent

SW reported that a meeting had been held with ABCRA and an agreement reached on the rent payable and the payment of rates. SG proposed a rent of £200 and the payment of rates by ABCRA on a five-year lease, seconded by NG, agreed by all.


85/18 Shuttle Bus Proposal

SW reported on the shuttle bus proposal from the Burgage Holders. SW and SG had met with representatives from the Burgage Holders Committee regarding a proposed shuttle bus to run from the Football Club car park to the village. SW reported that NCC felt it would cost approximately £150 per day to run. SG reported that signage improvements had been discussed, such as making it clear that the beach car park was a village car park. SG reported that the Burgage Holders estimated that the car park was only full to capacity 3-4 times per year. GT noted that there wasn’t much actual parking space at the Football Club car park. It was suggested asking the Burgage Holders to discuss the possibility of parking there, with the Football Club.


86/18 Council Matters


Gordon Castle and Robbie Moore reported the following:

·         Two major planning applications in Alnwick considered recently were – Retail park – approved, 100 houses – refused.

·         Wellfield Gardens application was refused, RM noted this could be appealed.

·         The next Local Area Council meeting is next Thursday, 21st June in Alnwick.

·         RM had contacted Arriva regarding the bus route change in the village. Arriva had stated the change was due to the previous route hindering the journey and causing delays. RM had noted this was not good enough and Arriva have agreed to look at revising the route. RM to check if NCC subsidise the service and whether changes were made without consulting NCC.


















87/18 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Arts Festival


b)    Christmas Lights



c)    Village maintenance




















d)    Hindmarsh Hall


e)    Planning




























Planning cont…

















f)     Information Boards



a)    Arts Festival – SW had attended a recent meeting and reported that all was in hand for the Festival next weekend. All food/drink providers were paying a pitch fee. DD noted volunteers were needed to erect the Marquee.

b)    Christmas Lights – The Clerk reported that the Quiz Night had been a success and that repairs/build nights would start in September.

c)    Village Maintenance

·         DD asked if there had been any response from NCC regarding the repairs to the path from Foxton. The Clerk noted no response other than to say it had been passed on.

·         DD asked about potholes in the road. GC noted the Parish Council or residents could report them on the NCC website. Clerk to place note in Village Newsletter reminding residents of the appropriate link.

·         WG reported that Lovers Walk was very overgrown. GT noted that he was aware of someone who could carry out the necessary strimming work. MM proposed the Parish Council proceed with this work, WG seconded, agreed by all; GT to arrange quote.

·         Bus Stop seat – SW reported a request for a seat at the bus stop on Shepherds Hill. DD noted that a hardwood bench could be obtained from Northumberland Estates. Agreed to put a bench on the Chapel side of the road. DD to obtain quotes.

d)    Hindmarsh Hall – DD reported no change in the figures but he would know more after the AGM.

e)    Applications as follows:

Planning Proposal: Demolition of Pergola


Applicant: Mr and Mrs Hartshorn

Number: 18

Case Officer: North Area Team

Observations to be received by:


Planning Proposal: Change of use

Location: High Buston

Applicant: Giles Arthur


Case Officer:

Observations to be received by:


Proposal: Proposed extension to garage to create one bedroom

                holiday let annex.

Location: Land West of 10 Wellfield gardens

Applicant: Mr Stephen Willcox

Application No. 17/04006/FUL

Case officer: Area North Team

Decision: Refused.





Proposal: Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 6 (obscuring glazing) of approved planning application 17/02937/FUL to re-site the dwelling away from existing mains sewer and remove the requirement for obscured glass to the South elevation window.

Applicant: Mr Steven Lockley

Application No.: 18/00770/VARYCO

Decision: Granted


Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning application 13/03013/FUL in order to make new construction blend in with existing house, add solar panels and alter the internal accommodation of the annex.

Location: The New House, Foxton Road, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Ken Oliver

Decision: Granted


f)     Information Boards – SG reported that the Burgage Holders had agreed to a 6th Board and there will be a site meeting to establish where it should be located. SG will email images of the boards so the Parish Councillors can see what they look like.











































































88/18 Communications

·         Letter of Complaint regarding the Hedge obscuring the view at the viewing point of Dr Joy’s Garden. DD to trim the hedge down.

·         Local Transport Plan – Clerk to place an agenda item on July’s Agenda.

·         Julie Frost letter regarding parking issues – A complaint regarding informing the whole village of the Argyle street residential parking experiment and other parking matters. GC outlined NCC policy on consultation and a discussion followed on why the whole village had not been consulted. GC confirmed that a member of the public cannot request residential parking on a street on which they are not a resident. GC noted that NCC policy was that 60% of residents must agree to the scheme. The current trial ends soon and will be re-evaluated at the end of August; only the residents of Argyle Street will be asked for their opinion.


89/18 Any Other Matters for Discussion

·         NG noted the 20min parking signs had not been changed. RM will chase up.

·         SG reported that glasses had been left on the pavement outside the Serviceman Club. MM to speak to them.

·         GT asked if there had been a change in the laws governing pavement parking. GC noted that a gap of 1.5m is NCC policy but it depended on whether the Police thought you were causing an obstruction.

·         NG noted the surface under the swings was breaking up and required repair. Agreed to wait until outcome of RoSPA Inspection.



76/18 Date & Time of Next Meeting

10th July, 7:30pm at The Hindmarsh Hall.



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