TUESDAY 14th April 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (BB) (Chair), John Hobbis (JH), Nick Mattlock (NM) (Vice-Chair), Jill Brown (JB),

Donald Blythe (DB), Pat Murphy (PM) Mac McHugh (MM) and George Ternent (GT).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk).



48/15 Apologies for Absence

         Apologies were received from Parish Councillor David Denton (DD) and County Councillors

         Heather Cairns (HC), Gordon Castle (GC).



49/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

          PM proposed the minutes of 10th March as a true and accurate record of the meeting. JB seconded the

          minutes, all in favour.


50/15. Matters Arising out of Minutes


a)     Small Boathouse – Letter to Golf Club.

The Clerk reported on a reply from the Golf stating that no changes had been made to the tee at the rear of the small boathouse. BB felt that changes had been made and noted that it was important to preserve access to the small boathouse in the event that it may be required. MM noted that the Parish Council should be informed of future building work.

Action: Clerk to respond to Golf Club to state that should access be required, the Parish Council would contact all parties concerned.


b)    Parish Council Website – Suggestions for a new provider.

The Clerk had requested further information from Nick Naylor regarding the costs involved in running the website. The Parish Council website is required to make available static/stable information and not to operate as a blog and it is for this reason that html is used on the Parish website rather a content management system such as wordpress.

Action: Clerk to move forward with transfer of website to Parish Council ownership.


c)     Hindmarsh Hall – Fundraising Committee

BB reported that an item had been placed in the Newsletter and favourable responses received. BB reported that he had arranged for a professional survey of the Hall, which was done pro-bono. The advice received was to monitor the cracks in the walls over a 6-12mth period. Following this review the data will be analysed by a professional who will provide a report which can be used when making requests for funding; the cost would be approximately £1,000. GT proposed that the survey proceed with the permission of the Hindmarsh Hall Committee, MM seconded this. Agreed by all.

Action: Clerk to speak to Hindmarsh Hall Chairman to obtain their agreement to proceed.


d)    Prospect Place – Repairs to Cobbles

NM reported that he has spoken to Gordon Inkster and informed him that Prospect Place is not an adopted lane and does not ‘belong’ to anyone. BB noted that previous enquiries on this issue had revealed that a SITA grant would be possible but that a third-party contribution would be necessary; this would involve someone adopting the lane. BB noted that if the Parish Council made the application, we would have to adopt the lane and whilst future maintenance would not involve excessive costs, there would be legal costs. MM asked if the future maintenance costs/responsibility could be placed on the deeds of the houses in the lane.

Action: Clerk to respond to Gordon Inkster to the effect that a grant is possible with a third-party contribution of 50%


e)   Raft Race – post race clear-up

BB reported that he had not yet spoken to the Sun Inn. GT noted that the immediate issue of the abandoned raft could be dealt with by the Boat Club beach clean. Agreed by all that in future the Raft Race organisers should be more systematic regarding removal of abandoned rafts and clearing up after the race.

Action: Clerk to draft letter to the Sun Inn, who organise the Raft Race.


51/15 Boathouse Restoration

BB noted that there was little to report. Tenders had gone out for the painting and lighting of the Boathouse. BB confirmed that the power source for lighting would be a generator.


52/15 Peases Park Upgrade

The Clerk reported on an email response from NCC regarding applications for the use of the s.106 money. The Clerk confirmed that play equipment and repairs to the park fencing etc. were acceptable uses of the money. NCC had offered guidance when completing the application form. The Clerk reported on another suggestion from a resident for a slide suitable for smaller children. NM is continuing his research into play equipment and costs.


The Clerk reported on a new quote for replacement swing seats and a ramp for the playframe – minus the installation charges and a quote for two dog waste bins. GT proposed accepting the quotes and proceeding with purchase, JH seconded, accepted by all.


BB noted that a previous meeting had agreed to purchase new picnic tables. GT noted that the requirement was for three tables to rest on concrete slabs.

Action: Clerk to circulate the guidance on s.106 applications and to circulate any brochures/information on play equipment and costs, for consideration at the May meeting. Clerk to proceed with play equipment and dog waste bin purchases. BB to organise the purchase of picnic tables.


53/15 Council Matters 



54/15 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)     Arts Festival

JB reported that the new Venue Guide was under construction.


b)    Christmas Lights

Nothing to report.


c)     Village Maintenance

BB reported that Shian Hartshorn had ordered new planters and a watering system, to be paid for out of the Secret Garden Fund.


MM asked if any work was to be commenced on the recently collapsed section of the Harbour wall.


DB asked what the situation was regarding litter collection in the village. BB noted that, although the beach and car park were taken care of, the village itself did not have any organised litter collection. GT noted that the Burgage Holders had paid to have the Marsh cleared of litter. BB suggested that a ‘litter pick’ was the only viable solution.


NM noted that seat on the ‘Shark Rocker’ needs to be replaced and suggested asking Simon Rippon.

Action: Clerk to contact NCC and Northumberland Estates regarding the Harbour wall. Clerk to organise bin bags and any other available equipment for litter picking and to produce a poster for the vilage noticeboard and an item in the village newsletter – Litter pick to take place on 13th June all volunteers to meet at 11am outside the Post Office. GT to approach Simon Rippon regarding replacement seat for the ‘Shark Rocker’.


d)    Planning

New Application

PM reported no new planning applications but one complaint from two residents about the building work behind the Schooner Hotel being conducted by builders working for John Orde.


55/15 Finances

The Clerk presented the following invoices for payment; MM proposed the invoices should be paid, seconded by NM, agreed by all.


  • Aurora DP (Newsletter) = £105
  • Clerk’s wage = £238.80 (INC £18 ADMIN)
  • Petrol for Lawn mower = £20.87
  • Plants for tubs = £13

The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for March









Boathouse Rent












Clerk Wage and Admin




Boathouse rates




Boathouse Repairs




Lawnmower Storage




Grass Cutting



TOTAL = £6,994.09 Current Account                            £6,886.78 Instant Reserve


56/15 Council Communications

The Clerk presented the following items of communication.

·         Leaflets and posters from GRACE Northumberland Rape Crisis

·         Letter from Alan Beith MP regarding the changes to the planning system at NCC

·         Letter from Alan Beith MP regarding

·         Local Council Review – Spring 2015

·         Letter from the Burgage Holders regarding the commencement of the Beach Cleaner’s Summer        Season hours.

·         Community Action Northumberland Spring Conference 2015

·         Affordable Rural Housing – A Practical Guide


57/15 Public Contribution



58/15 Any Other Business

The Clerk reported that she has spoken to NCC regarding the new sign directing the public to the ‘disabled’ toilet as the village does not have a disabled toilet. The Clerk is still awaiting a response.


BB noted that Roger Clarke has passed on ten boxes of archive material and he is in the process of moving them to the archives at Woodhorn Museum.


DB raised the issue of a replacement Parish Councillor following the resignation of Nick Naylor. The Clerk noted that the Parish Council were in a position to co-opt.

Action: Clerk to chase up NCC regarding disabled toilet sign. Clerk to organise the paperwork for co-option of a Parish Councillor.


59/15 Date & Time Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting and AGM was set for, Tuesday 12th May, 2015, 7.00pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.


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