TUESDAY 13th December 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT:Nick Mattlock (Vice Chair) (NM), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Neil Gale (NG),

Mac McHugh (MM), George Ternent (GT), Harvey Roberts (HR).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Gordon Castle (GC), Heather Cairns (HC), thirteen members of the public and one member of the press.



143/16 Apologies for Absence

·         Apologies were received from Bill Bourne, Ed Williams and Susanne Gair.


144/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

·         MM proposed the minutes be accepted without amendment, DD seconded this, agreed by all.


145/16 Declaration of Interest

·         No declarations.


146/16 Matters Arising Out of Minutes

a)    Dr Joy’s Garden

NM reported that BB was sourcing a stonemason to create a plinth.


b)    Prospect Place – Repair of Road

The Clerk reported that this was in the hands of Hilary Burns, a resident of Prospect Place, who was researching potential grant aid.


c)     Parish Council Website

The clerk reported that she was still awaiting a quote from


d)    Walks Brochures

The Clerk had contacted the ALHG and had received a response that they did not feel a meeting with the Parish Council was necessary.


147/16 Traffic and Parking

·     Thirteen members of the public were in attendance for this section which included the Public contribution section of the agenda.

·      NM outlined the history of the traffic and parking problems in the village and the main issues with the new scheme which were mainly comprised of loss of parking spaces, the one-way system and the number of poles erected for signs. All Parish Councillors were asked for their views and added the issues of safety for pedestrians and for cars, in particular at The Wynd and the exit of Peases Lane onto Marine Road. GC felt the scheme had been well consulted.

·     Members of the public present raised a number of issues, not all of which can be included here but which included: the issues of the buses using the one-way system, in particular the Wynd, as it was felt that the route presented a danger for buses and risked losing the service. There was concern about the position of bus stops, devaluation of a property and danger to traffic.

·     GC noted that the work was not yet finished and teething problems were to be expected. GC noted that there was a public, Area North meeting in January and suggested that the Clerk ask for this item to go on the agenda.

·     Of those members of the public present, John Taylor noted that he planned to formulate a report start a petition to object to the scheme and offered to work with the Parish Council if requested.

             Action: The Clerk to contact NCC and request Alnmouth traffic issues to go on the agenda.


148/16 Small Boathouse use

·     The Clerk reported that a meeting with Jo Driscoll had been held and that it was still not felt that the project had the potential to work in the setting of the small Boathouse. Adam Bell requested a meeting to discuss his own bid to make use of the Small Boathouse.

·     The Clerk noted that Bill Bourne had felt that the small Boathouse would be better used as much needed storage for the Parish Council and community of Alnmouth.

      Action: The Clerk to organise a meeting with Adam Bell, preferably before Christmas.


149/16 Prospect Place – Repair of Road

·     This item already discussed in Matters Arising.

·      GC noted that he had discussed this matter with Hilary Burns and would consider putting some of his own funds towards this project.


150/16 Peases Park Repairs and Lease

·     The Clerk reported that EW would like the background financial information used by NM to put together the original s.106 application so that he could check the figures against the final invoices and finish the application.

Action: The Clerk to organise a meeting with NM, EW and BB to finalise the s,106 application.


151/16 Alnmouth Public Lavatories – The Future

·     BB had sent a report to say that he had contacted NCC regarding the possibility of buying the building housing the public lavatories but had not yet received a response.

Action: To go on January agenda


152/16 Council Matters

·     GC reported that, as there were Council elections next May, there would be a period of Purdah from March to May 2017.

·     GC repeated his advice to place the issue of traffic and parking in Alnmouth on the agenda of the Area Committee meeting in January 2017.


153/16 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Arts Festival

·     There was no formal report but HR and MM reported that they were involved in the provision of a bar and PR for the festival.


b)    Christmas Lights Committee

·     The Clerk reported that the switch on had gone extremely well and that she would give a final report on takings at the January meeting.

·     HR suggested a sign near the Hindmarsh Hall, next year saying ‘No Access’ to inform cars that the road would be in use for a short period.


c)    Village Maintenance

·     NM reported that he had received a quote from Youlls for the fencing and would circulate it for consideration.

Action: NM to circulate Youlls quotation.


d)    Hindmarsh Hall Fund

·       DD had no report from the architect but hoped to have some results in January


e)    Planning

The following planning applications were reviewed. The Parish Council were neutral on both applications.


Proposal: Proposed front entrance extension and total first floor extension with new roof terrace;     

                pitched roof over sunroom; balcony and roof to rear.

Location: Highfield, 1 Foxton Drive.

Applicant: Mr & Mrs David Archibald


Deadline: 27th December 2016


Proposal: Proposal to demolish existing link including garages and construction of new side

                extension to Rock House Lodge; proposed demolition of existing Rock House and

                construction of new replacement 2.5 storey house; construction of new detached double

                garage with mezzanine Gym, associated external works and landscaping.

Applicant: Mr Edward Goodwin

Number: 16/04149/FUL

Deadline: 20th December 2016


154/16 Finance

a)    The following invoices/expenses were presented. NM proposed that the invoices presented be paid, HR seconded this, agreed by all

·         Aurora DP  - £105

·         1&1 (Website) - £23.99

·         Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £271.53 (27hrs + admin)

·         Contribution to the Burgage Holders’ costs of beach cleaning - £1,067.50




£       IN

£    OUT


Boathouse Rates




Clerk’s Wage & Admin/Stationery




Royal British Legion – Poppy Wreath




NCC – Public Lavatories – Winter Maintenance








Website & Stationery




Bonfire Night – Expenses




Bonfire Night – Food & Utensils




Playdale – Peases Park Repairs & Equipment



TOTAL = £4,812.51  Current Account                                   £3,965.40   Instant Reserve


b)    Setting of the Precept

  • BB had already circulated a draft budget which recommended setting the precept at the same level as last year with no increase.
  • NM proposed that BB’s draft budget be accepted and that there be no increase in the Precept. SM seconded this proposal, agreed by all.


c)     Insurance Cover for New Play Equipment

  • The Clerk reported that Zurich insurance had offered a quote of an annual increase of £38 to insure the new cradle swing and surfacing. Agreed by all to defer a decision until March 2017 in case additional items required insurance.

Action: Clerk to check that this was acceptable to Zurich Insurance.


155/16 Council Communications

·         Vera Baird – A letter to inform local communities that she has launched an online survey to help with the refreshing of her ‘Police and Crime Plan’ –

·         BROXAP Street Furniture Catalogue.

·         Local Council Review - Winter 2016

·         War Memorials Bulletin

·         Northumberland CVA request for Funding – to go on February agenda.

·         NTC request for funding – to go on February agenda.

·         NCC Highways – Winter Services leaflet (available in Post Office).


156/16 Public Contribution

·         Please see item 147/16


157/16 Any Other Matters for Discussion

·         GT asked if a rota was in place for the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Lunch on 15th January.

·         GT reported that the Beach Shelter was in need of repair and refurbishment and that this was the responsibility of the Parish Council. GT agreed to provide an estimate of costs with help from NM and NG.

Action: Clerk to contact the Senior Citizens’ Lunch Committee regarding a rota and to place the Beach Shelter on the January agenda.


158/16 Date and Time of next Meeting

·         10th January 2017, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.


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