TUESDAY 9th December 2014 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (Chair), Nick Mattlock (Vice-Chair), David Denton (DD), John Hobbis (JH), Pat Murphy (PM),

George Ternent (GT), Jill Brown (JB), Donald Blythe (DB).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), County Councillor Gordon Castle (GC).


166/14 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Mac McHugh, Pat Murphy and Jill Brown and County Councillors Gordon Castle and Heather Cairns.


167/14 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

NM proposed the minutes of 11th November, seconded by JH. Passed by all as a true record of the meeting.


168/14 Matters Arising


  1. Peases Park Upgrade Project

The Clerk reported that she had received a confirmation email from Gordon Castle that the bid was acceptable to him and she now awaited confirmation of acceptance from Reuben Morgan at NCC.


  1. Church Hill Wall

The Clerk reported a communication form Northumberland Estates that repairs to the wall surrounding Church Hill were the responsibility of the National Trust who held the lease and repairing obligation for that site.


  1. Parish Website

The Clerk reported that she had received training from Nick Naylor and had instructed him to transfer ownership of the website to the Parish Council. The Clerk now has full access to the website and will commence her duties in updating and maintaining the website immediately. Mr Naylor had incurred some expenses in setting up and maintaining the website and will pass on any relevant invoices to the Clerk as soon as possible.



169/14 Boathouse Use

BB reminded everyone that this issue had arisen due to a request at the Open Meeting by Jo Driscoll to use the Boathouse as a facility to educate and encourage use of the beach by local schoolchildren. Since that time, two other parties had expressed interest in utilizing the boathouse. Representatives from all three interested parties were present:


Full proposals are available from the Parish Clerk. A summary of the presentations are given below.


Option1 - ABCRA

ABCRA would not want exclusive use of the whole boathouse and the Parish Council would still have use of some of it for storage. Further, some ABCRA members have some woodworking skills which could be utilised for work on the boathouse to better ututilse the space. The idea would be to invite other skiff groups to take part in regattas, encouraging, for example, young people to learn how to row a skiff. Eventually the aim would be to set up a heritage museum/resource centre. ABCRA are self-funded and were willing to incorporate such ideas as visits from the Coastguard to speak to local groups.


Option 2 – Learning Resource

Jo Driscoll and her team presented the proposal of a learning resource centre for all children, including those with special needs. The proposal would be for a beach school along the lines of currently existing ‘Forest Schools’ and could incorporate working with ABCRA and instructing children in the crafts which went into building the skiff. There is no other resource involving the beach in the area and similar organisations such as a local Forest School are very over-subscribed, so a need does exist. The facility could be utilised by the Coastguards to teach beach/coastal safety and by older students studying geography, for example. Power could be provided by generator and toilets could be composting toilets. Funding could be obtained via Community Chest and other sources. The loss of storage could be overcome by a local farmhouse for the Trailer and other options.



Option 3 – Art Gallery

Dale Maloney proposed a learning resource and gallery exhibition area which could either be managed by a committee or by Dale and his partner. The proposal included the idea of solar power and would incorporate use of both boathouses. Storage for the Parish could be provided at the Schoolhouse Gallery and Funding would potentially come from NBSC or lottery grant.


Following the presentations a full discussion of all options took place. It was proposed by BB that as ABCRA’s proposal best met the Parish Council’s needs, they should be asked to meet with the Parish Council to discuss their proposal in further detail, GT seconded and following a vote, four were in favour, one against and one abstention.

Action: Clerk to infrom all parties of the Parish Council’s decision and arrange a further meeting with ABCRA representatives.



170/14 Grants and Donations

BB proposed that this subject be held over to the January meeting. The Clerk will circulate the information she had gathered on grant requests and the amount available to be spent.



171/14 Council Matters

No County Councillors present.


172/14 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

No report. The group will be meeting next on 6th January.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Clerk reported that switch-on night had gone very well for both the Christmas lights and the Craft Fair in the Hindmarsh Hall.


  1. Village Maintenance

BB reported that he has received the new plaque for the memorial bench to Roger and Gladys Bettess and will ensure it is fixed as soon as possible.

Action: BB to attend to Bettess memorial bench.


  1. Planning

The Clerk reported that NCC had sent notification that they are no-longer uploading a pdf version of the weekly planning lists to their website as the same information is available on their Public Access system; training in the use of the Public Access system is available. The Clerk reported the following planning applications:


NCC Granted applications

Application: 14/03151/PRUTPO

Proposal: Works to tree protected by Tree Preservation Order as amended. 20% reduction of crown, 20% thining and remove deadwood.

            Location: South Acres

            Applicant: Mr Collins


Application: 14/03056/VARYCO

      Proposal: Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 13/03013/FUL – Proposed                              single storey rear and side extensions and alterations to the front elevation. Conversion and                              extension of existing detached garage into an annex, creation of two new access points.

            Location: The New House, Foxton Road

            Applicant: Mr Oliver


NCC Refused Applications

Application: 14/02459/FUL

      Proposal: New dwelling to the East of 10 Alnwood.

            Location: next to 10 Alnwood

            Applicant: Mr Gilroy



New Applications

Application: 14/03595/FUL

      Proposal: Proposed inclusion of habitable space in the roof with the associated installation of 2 Velux

      Location: Plot 6, Lint Gardens

            Applicant: Mr Arrowsmith

Parish Council Comments: No objection.


Application: 14/03719/FUL

      Proposal: Demolish Sun Roof and new extension to provide dining room and living room at ground floor,

additional bedroom at first floor and internal alterations. Replacement of substandard windows. (description amended 10.11.14)

            Location: Waleric House

            Applicant: Mr Ward

Parish Council Comments: No objection.


Application: 14/03909/VARYCO

Proposal: Removal of conditions 8, 9 and 10 relating to planning permission A/2007/0406 (Alteration and extension to provide office with ancillary residential accommodation with associated parking and access details.

            Location: High Buston Hall

            Applicant: Mr Arthur

Parish Council Comments: To be considered.


Application: 14/03915/FUL

      Proposal: Construction of storage building

            Location: Land North West of Bede Cottage, High Buston Hall

            Applicant: Mr Arthur

Parish Council Comments: To be considered.


  1. Senior  Citizens Christmas Lunch

BB will send a template for the invitations to the Clerk for printing. The Clerk noted that the Burgage Holders of Alnmouth had made a donation of £122.

Action: Clerk to write to Burgage Holders to thank them for their donation.


173/14 Finance

GT proposed that in the light of the Clerk taking on the Parish website and the time involved in adding data and managing the site, she should have her hours increased by an additional four hours per month. NM seconded this proposal, agreed by all.

  1. Invoices

             The Clerk reported the following invoices had been received for payment by the Parish Council.  GT                  proposed that the invoices should be paid,  JH seconded, agreed by all.


Parish Council

  • Newsletter - £105
  • Beach Cleaner’s Salary (50% contribution) - £1,028
  • Clerk’s Wage - £185.22
  • Hindmarsh Hall Meetings Fee - £54


The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council to date.

Parish Council



£ IN



Aurora DP




Plants for Tubs




Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Sunday




Trailer Repairs




Clerk’s Wage and Admin



TOTAL = £11,199.38   Current Account               £6,868.98 Instant Reserve




Roger Bettes Memorial Fund



£ IN



Memorial Fund




Bench Replacement/Maintenance




Walks Brochures



£ IN



Walks – Gift Shop




Walks – Post Office




Walks - Deli



TOTAL = £1,860


174/14 Council Communications

The Clerk reported receipt of the following communications:

  • Letter from Hindmarsh Hall Committee regarding disposal of items not required from Parish Council Asset register. – Clerk to respond that the assets were considered the Hindmarsh Hall’s property to dispose of as they saw fit.
  • Letter from Northumberland estates to state that the sea wall is expected to be repaired before Christmas, weather permitting.
  • Invitation to Playground seminar – agreed by all not to send a representative.
  • Campaign to Protect Rural England – Autumn Newsletter.

Action: Clerk to respond to communications as indicated above

175/14 Public Contribution

None present.


150/14 Any Other Business

No additional business.


151/14 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 13th January 2015, 7.30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.


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