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TUESDAY 9th February 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (BB) (Chair), Mac McHugh (MM), Donald Blythe (DB), Ed Williams (EW), David Denton (DD), Nick Mattlock (NM) (Vice-Chair), George Ternent (GT), Jill Brown (JB).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillor Heather Cairns (HC).


14/16 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from County Councillor Gordon Castle.


15/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of 12th January were agreed.


16/16 Matters Arising out of the Minutes

  • Peases Park Upgrade

NM reported that he required more information from Playdale regarding a quote for repairs to the ‘tower’ and that Youll’s had already completed some of the required work on the play park. BB noted that the new picnic tables are still to be delivered.

Action: NM to chase up Playdale and contact Maureen Dixon at NCC with an updated s.106                 request.


  • Dr Joy’s Garden

BB had no progress to report. DD noted that he had a design which he will discuss with BB so that a specification could be sent to Greenfingers.

            Action: BB and DD to compile a specification


  • Parish Bus Shelter

BB had no further information regarding the next stage of a meeting between the Archdeacon of Newcastle and the Chancellor.


  • Small Boathouse

Councillors expressed concern that the plans and other details received from Mrs Driscoll’s Group went beyond the original proposals they made when the Parish Council agreed in principle to rent the building to them.  Also, their proposal to extend the Small Boathouse onto land which is part of Alnmouth Common would be opposed by the Burgage Holders, who hold that such development would be in breach of the Commons Act 2006. BB reported that the Mrs Driscoll’s Group had already discussed leasing arrangements with Northumberland Estates, as a result of which, it seemed that the Estate would insist on a single lease to include the Parish Council’s property (of which they are the ground landlord) as well as the additional land for the extension.  BB reported that he and the Clerk were meeting an Estates officer on Friday to clarify this, but in any case the Estate now wanted to review and update the existing leasing arrangements. Councillors expressed concern that if the proposals went ahead the Parish Council would be giving up all control and possibly ownership of its property for the foreseeable future. This was not held to be in the long-term interests of the residents of the village.

EW proposed that, in the light of recent developments, the Parish Council should withdraw its offer to rent the Small Boathouse to Mrs Driscoll’s group. NM seconded this proposal, all in favour. GT noted that both the Hindmarsh Hall and the Old Chapel were suitable for the needs of Mrs Driscoll’s group.

Action: Clerk to send a letter to Mrs Driscoll, informing her of the Parish Council decision.


17/16 Declarations of Interest



18/16 Parish Councillor Appointments

BB confirmed that all of those present had considered all four applicantions received. Following the votes, the following candidates were selected:


Vacancy 1 – Neil Gale

Vacancy 2 – Sarah Murphy


BB thanked all those who applied.

Action: Clerk to send appointment letters to the succesful candidates and letters of thanks and commiseration to the unsuccessful candidates.


19/16 Lesbury Churchyard Extension

The Clerk referred to the letter and map provided by the Reverend Ian McKarill, which outlined the problem facing Lesbury and Alnmouth as the graveyards are becoming full.  As the land purchased to extend the burial site is prone to flooding and currently not suitable for use, Reverend McKarill has proposed a working group to look at the problem.

Action: Clerk to write and indicate the Parish Council’s agreeement and to request further information on what this will involve.


20/16 County Council Matters 

HC reported on the following:

·         The Fire Service Report is still under conultation.

·         HC asked if there had been any work done on the Public Conveniences in Alnmouth. BB noted that they had been painted.HE asked if HC could give an indication of what the £2,400 Winter opening fee covered. HC noted that it would have covered such costs as: consumables, cleaning staff, rates. BB noted that he felt there was an opportunity for the Parish Council regarding ownership of the building

·         HC noted that the County Council had removed all CCTV cameras in Alnwick and would be progresing with a new scheme.

·         GT noted that there was unhappiness regarding the amount of roadworks and HC sympathised but noted they were essential maintenance.


21/16 Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

DB reported that progress was good and there were two new members to the Committee. The Parish Marquee will be located on the Church Green and there were other options for Peases Park. DB reported that tabels were required and both BB and GT suggested some options.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The annual fundraising coffee morning would be held on 13th February 10am-12am. Plans are also underway for the annual Quiz Night.


  1. Village Maintenance

BB noted that work on the fence in Peases Park had been completed by Youlls and that he had spoken to Shian Hartshorn regarding shrub planting. GT noted that the Wildlife Trust could be approached for plants. DB offered to assist BB in putting the planters in place and a date at the beginning of March will be picked.


DD asked if any response had been received from the National Trust regarding the necessary repairs to Church Hill. BB reported that he had not received a response and agreed to contact them again.


BB reported no progress with the damage to Lovers Walk but reprted that he had received information that not only a sewage pipe but a main electrical cable ran underneath the path. The Clerk has informed NCC about this. DB noted that some work to erect a fence had been made.


GT noted that new picnic tables were required in the park. BB reported that two were on order.


JB reported that the small steps down to the beach, near the Ferry Hut, were cracked and required repair.


The Clerk reported that NCC had examined the sandstone kerb on Riverside Road and had reported that no repair work was required.


The Clerk reported that the Burgage Holders had asked when the work to paint the Beacon would commence. BB noted that it was a summer job and would be carried out when the weather was dry enough, in the Summer.

Action: BB to contact National Trust regarding damage to Church Hill. GT and DB to examine

the steps to the beach.


  1. Planning

The Clerk reported on the following applications:

New Applications:-

Proposal: Variation of condition number 22 in relation to planning application 15/03134/VARYCO

Location:  Alnmouth Boys Club

Applicant: Mr Tom Batey

Deadline: 19th February

Council Decision: Neutral


Proposal: Propoed alterations and construction of bay window to ground floor flat

Location: 2 Schooner Court, Estuary Drive

Applicant: Mr Tim Eldridge

Deadline: 15th February

Council Decision: Neutral – Objection to removal of Cherry Tree


Proposal: Propoed alterations and contruction of roof terrace over proposed bay window

Location: 1 Schooner Court, Estuary Drive

Applicant: Mr Tim Eldridge

Deadline: 15th February

Council Decision: Neutral


Withdrawn Applications

            Proposal: Proposal for 6 mobile Shepherds Huts with solar panels on roof and storage hut

Location: Link End Caravan Park

Applicant: Mr Andrew Scott


22/16 Finance

The following invoices/expenses were approved by all.

  • Clerk’s wage & Stationery = £238.80 (INC £18 Admin)
  • Parish Website = £23.99
  • Newsletter – £105
  • Large Boathouse Tube lights - £11.30

The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for January 2016.








Boathouse Rent








Aurora DP




Clerk’s Wages & Admin & stamps




NCC – Toilets Winter Opening



TOTAL = £6,248.90    Current Account                            £3,699.56 Instant Reserve


The Clerk circulated funding requests already received, including a new request from The Childrens Foundation. It was agreed by all to contiue with the funding for: Citizens Advice Bureau, NTC Touring Theatre Co., Alnwick Playhouse and Great North Air Ambulance; all of whom would receive £250 each.


BB reported that he had received two quotes to treat woodworm in the Lifeboat House and asked the Parish Council to approve the lower quote from Dundas. Agreed by all.


23/16 Council Communications

Receipt of the following communications was reported:

·         Anne-marie Trevelyan – Neighbourhood Plan letter

·         NCC Road Closure on Foxton Road, outside the new development from 16-18th March.

·         NHS – Unlocking care letter

·         Wicksteed advert

·         Email from Betty TV to ask if we want to take part in a programme

Action: Clerk to inform Anne-Marie Trevelyan that the possibility of producing a Neighbourhood Plan was under discussion.

24/16 Public Contribution



25/17 Any Other Matters for Discussion



26/16 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 7.30pm in the Hindmarsh Hall.



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