TUESDAY 12th December 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (BB) (Chair), Mac McHugh. Donald Blythe (DB), Ed Williams (EW), David Denton (DD),


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillor Gordon Castle (GC).


1/16 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Nick Mattlock, George Ternent, Jill Brown and County Councillor Heather Cairns.


2/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of 8th December were agreed.


3/16 Matters Arising out of the Minutes

  • Peases Park Upgrade

BB reported that no repsonse had been received from Playdale regarding new play equipment or the repairs to the Climbing frame.

Action: NM to chase up Playdale.


  • Dr Joy’s Garden

BB had no report on progress with this area.


  • Parish Bus Shelter

BB had received no response from the Parochial Council regarding a meeting with the Archdeacon of Newcastle.


4/16 Declarations of Interest



5/16 Parish Councillor Appointments

BB noted that as there was not a full Parish Council present, this item would be carried over to the February meeting.

Action: Clerk to place Parish Councillor Vacancies on February agenda.


6/15 Small Boathouse – Consideration of Draft Lease

BB reported that he had requested a meeting with Jo Driscoll to establish what progress had been made but had received no response. BB noted that Jo had been in touch with Northumberland Estates regarding proposals to extend the Boathouse but noted that the land surrounding the boathouse was controlled by the Burgage Holders. BB noted that he had contacted Julia Robson at Northumberland estates to clarify the position of the Parish Council regarding its intentions and ownership of the Boathouse. MM asked if a lease had been agreed or signed. BB confirmed that no lease had been signed, the Parish Council had agreed ‘in principle’ to lease the building, provided certain conditions were met, such as the forming of an association.

Action: Clerk to write to Jo Driscoll and request a meeting, information regarding progress and a date of commencement. Jo Driscoll’s group should be invited to attend the February Parish Council meeting to provide an update.


7/15 County Council Matters

GC reported on the following matters:

  • The Alnmouth Railway station car park extension is underway on the North side and should eventually provide 27 new spaces.MM asked if there was an intention to charge for parking by GC said not at present although parking restrictions such as a possible time limit, would be considered and reviewed.
  • The decision to move Alnwick to a two-tier school system had been confirmed the day before and would commence in September 2016.
  • Traffic Restrictions

EW asked if the traffic management survey had been set up and if there had been any progress with the double yellow lines?

Action: GC to check on the progress of double yellow lines and noted that the traffic management survey would probably be carried out in the summer.

DD reported that the recent storms had caused flooding on the road between Hipsburn First School and the Duchess Bridge which was potentially very dangerous to both pedestrians and drivers. GC noted that a ‘hotspot’ list had been compiled and advised contacting NCC to have this area added; copying in both GC and HC.

Action: Clerk to contact Paul Jones at NCC regarding the ‘hotspot’ list.


BB noted that Riverside road was largely without any street lighting at all and this was a danger to pedestrians and road users.

Action: Clerk to contact Gavin Barlow at NCC and ask that this area be added to the street lighting scheme; copying in GC and HC.


8/15 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

DB reported that Katherine Renton had joined the committee and was already organising a childrens art competiton. Thirty new artists would feature in this year’s festival. The park activities, food and drink were almost all finalised.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Clerk reported that the Lights had now been taken down for another year. The Christmas Lights Committee wished to express their thanks to the homeowners and business who supported the lights either by providing power, funds or assistance. BB noted that he would dispose of the Christmas trees and MM noted that the lights were currently being stored in the Hindmarsh Hall shed for now.


  1. Village Maintenance

HE reported on the email from Tony Derbyshire at NCC in which he stated that the Harbour Wall was showing further signs of deterioration although it was still standing. Mr Derbyshire reported that he was awaiting information from the Northumberland Estates regarding a recent engineers inspection. BB noted that the gap in the wall at the base of Church Hill was growing larger. BB noted that he had been informed that it was the responsibility of the National Trust to organise repairs. Concerns were expressed that if left, the wall would disappear altogether.

Action: Clerk to write to National Trust.


DD reported that he was in the process of obtaining a quote for the repairs to the Village Barometer


BB reported that he would wait until Spring to replace damaged planters.


MM asked about progress with the Information Boards, BB will progress this and report back.


  1. Planning

The Clerk reported on the following applications:

New Applications:-

      Application: 15/03754/FUL

Proposal: 6 Mobile Shepherds Huts

            Location: Link End Caravan Park

            Applicant: Andrew Scott

Comments: This is not in Parish Council land so no comments were made.


Application: 15/04098/FUL

Proposal: Change of use of existing dwelling (C3) to guest house (C1), incl. minor external alterations

to Pipework.

Location: St. Valery, Northumberland Street

Applicant: Mr Roberts

Deadline: 4th January

Comments: Regarding the pipework alterations, these should be such that they are sympathetic to the

age and nature of the building and consideration should be given to adequate off-street parking. These

comments have been made although the deadline above has now passed.


Application: 14/01538/DISCON

Proposal: Discharge of conditions 3,6,7,9 and 10 relating to planning permission 12/02960/VARYCO (Removal of condition no.6 (occupancy) relating to planning permission A/2008/0101 as replaced by 11/00220/FUL (Application for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permission in order to extend the time limit for implementation).

Location: Land west of Schooner Hotel

Applicant: Mr John Orde

Deadline: 21st January


Proposal: Listed Building Consent for minor alterations and restoration to east windows, north gable, east dormers, east elevation paintwork and damp-proofing.

Location: Seafield House

Applicant: Mr Neil Blackwell

Deadline: 27th January


      Applications passed:-

Application: 15/00194/FUL

Proposal: New dwelling

Location: East of 10 Alnwood

Applicant: Mr W. Gilroy

Decision: Appeal granted - Ref APP/P2935/W/15/3067545


Application: 14/01538/DISCON

Proposal: Discharge of conditions 3,6,7,9 and 10 relating to planning permission 12/02960/VARYCO (Removal of condition no.6 (occupancy) relating to planning permission A/2008/0101 as replaced by 11/00220/FUL (Application for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permsission in order to extend the time limit for implementation).

Location:  Land west of Schooner Hotel

Applicant: Mr John Orde

Decision: Partial Consent Granted


9/15 Finance

The following invoices/expenses were approved by all.

  • Clerk’s wage & Stationery = £238.80 (INC £18 Admin)
  • Stamps - £3.78
  • Parish Website = £23.99
  • Newsletter – £105
  • Public Toilets – Winter Opening £2,400 - BB suggested asking the Burgage Holders if they would like to contribute towards the costs of keeping the Public Toilets open over the Winter season.

Action: Clerk to write to the Secretary of the Burage Holders.


The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for December.









Boathouse Rent




Burage Holders – Beach Cleaning




Aurora DP - Newsletter








Clerk’s Wages & Admin








Safety Tape for Climbing Frame



TOTAL = £8,935.47    Current Account                            £3,699.56 Instant Reserve


The Clerk reported a funding requests from NTC and Alnwick Playhouse.

Action: Clerk to advise NTC and Alnwick Playhouse that their requests would be considered in February.


10/15 Council Communications

Receipt of the following communications was reported:

  • The Clerk – January 2016
  • Clerk’s and Councils Direct – January 2106
  • Memorial Bench Request – Mr Mathewson

Action: Clerk to inform Mr Mathewson that a review is underway to assess the state of the memorial benches in the village and he would be informed should a space become available as a result.

  • Project Request – Philip Patterson

Mr Patterson subjected a project outline concerned with getting the community involved. The project outline

The project outline offered the following services:

  1. Volunteering opportunities for all ages.
  2. Careers advice events
  3. Wildlife activities
  4. Arts and crafts activities
  5. Talent contests

Following consideration of the project outline, it was felt by those present that the project could not be supported at this time.

Action: Clerk to inform Mr Patterson that his request had been refused.

11/15 Public Contribution

William Gilroy

Asked why a dog bin was missing from the Boathouse and pointed out that one bin was not enough as some members of the public were not aware that dog waste could be put in green general waste bins and had been leaving the bags on the ground. BB noted that this was on Burgage Holders property.

Action: Clerk to raise this with the Burgage Holders of Alnmouth


Sharon Williams

Ms Williams noted that following the recent storms, a lot of debris had been left on the beach. As a result Ms Williams had organised a beach clean and would receive assistance from Alnmouth Football Club. Ms Williams noted that she was prepared to organise this as an annual event. DD noted that a survey and litter pick was organised annually every September by the Marine Conservation. BB thanked Ms Williams for her efforts in organising the beach clean.

Action: Clerk to organise collection of the bin bags


12/15 Any Other Matters for Discussion

  • Hindmarsh Hall

DD asked for a progress report on the survey of the Hindmarsh Hall walls. BB reported that the monitoring equipment had recorded no further movement in the walls but that he had been advised to leave the monitoring equipment in place for another month in case a ‘cold snap’ resulted in some movement. A structural engineer will then provide a report. DD offered to liase with BB and John  Hall (Hindmarsh Hall Committee Chair) regarding access to the joists; agreed.


  • Riverside Road – Sandstone kerb

DB reported that the sandstone kerb alongside the path running down Riverside Road was in bad shape and required maintenance. DB felt that it shoud be protected as it was possibly the only kerb of its type left in the County. GC noted that an inspection would be required first as it fell within a conservation area.

            Action: Clerk to request an inspection from William Pringle at NCC.


13/15 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 9th February 2016 at 7.30pm in the Hindmarsh Hall.



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