TUESDAY 14th July 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Nick Mattlock (NM) (Acting-Chair), David Denton (DD), George Ternent (GT), Donald Blythe (DB), Ed Williams (EW), Calum Burns (CB).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillor Heather Cairns (HC)


91/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Bill Bourne (Chairman), Jill Brown, Mac McHugh and County Councillor Gordon Castle.


92/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

DD proposed acceptance of the minutes of 9th June, seconded by CB. Passed by all as a true record of the meeting.


93/15 Matters Arising

a)    Village Clean-up

NM reported that this had been a successful exercise and the Parish Council had been well represented.


b)    Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee

       HE reported on behalf of Bill Bourne that the new Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee would consist of:

       Bill Bourne and Ed Williams from the Parish Council and Becky Morley and John Hall from the Hindmarsh

       Hall Committee. The first fundraising event will be the ‘Hindmarsh Hall at The Friary’ which will be run by

       the Hindmarsh Hall Committee although the posters will reflect the Parish Councils’ role and the Parish

       Council will retain the money raised in the new fund.


c)    4 Peases Gardens

       HE reported no response as yet from NCC to the letter sent to them regarding the covenant on this



d)    Painting the Beacon Pole

       NM reported No progress as yet.


e) Information Boards

    HE reported that the text had been agreed and additional artwork identified.

    Action: Bill Bourne will take the information to Helen Holden.


f) Bird Scarers

   HC reported that the officer responsible for this area had spoken to a resident who had complained. DB noted

   that a new ‘bird scarer’ had been heard.

   Action: HC to chase this matter up a report back on any progress made.


103/15 Public Contribution – This item was moved up the agenda to enable those members of the public to express their views without waiting.

Nine members of the public attended to discuss the issues surrounding the proposed extension of double yellow lines in the village. Marisse Whitaker made the point that if double yellow lines were extended they could force motorists to seek parking spaces in Argyle Street, to the detriment of residents there. Suggested solutions included:

  • Resident parking Permits
  • Signage directing visitors to the beach and the car park there; as many visitors get lost in the village due to inadequate signage directing them to the beach.


It was felt by those attending that the situation was becoming intolerable.


NM summarised the points raised to cover:

  • Beach parking – redirecting motorists to the Beach Car Park
  • Double yellow lines
  • Resident Parking permits

NM noted that the problem of parking in the village was a long-standing one. NM reported that the Parish Council have sound reasons for requesting double yellow lines in certain locations and noted they will not take away very much in the way of parking and will assist with traffic management. NM noted that better signs were a good idea which should be simple to put in place.


HC suggested that the best approach would be to hold a public meeting, separate to the Parish Council meeting, to which the appropriate officers from NCC could be invited to provide answers to technical questions. Julia Williams, a resident of Argyle street, noted that Northumberland Street naturally leads onto Riverside Road and down to the Park and there is no parking there and not the beach which visitors are often looking for; she suggested that a sign directing traffic left, to Marine Road and the beach car park would help. NM suggested that give way lines at the top of Riverside Road would help. Bob Whitaker asked if any new signs would have to be County Council approved and HC confirmed they would. Nora Dymock noted that visitors often get confused when looking for the beach car park. CB suggested an ‘A-Board’ sign pointing in the direction of the ‘Beach Car Park’. HC did not feel that there would be an issue with this as it wouldn’t be fixed sign.


Bob Whitaker asked if any action could be taken to prevent holiday letting agencies advising their tenants to park on Argyle Street. HE noted that she would need proof that this was this case and as it was a public highway it was unlikely she would be able to prevent members of the public from parking in places where there were no doule yellow lines preventing them. NM noted that the Parish Council opposed the increase of properties being turned into holiday lets anyway

Action: HE and HC to organise a public meeting at the Hindmarsh Hall to discuss the parking problems in the village and HE to publicise this meeting.


94/15 Peases Park upgrade

NM proposed that the Playsafety Inspection report should be accepted, CB seconded, agreed by all.

NM had no progress to report on identifying new playpark equipment and suggested that he meet up with HE to identify three options for the Parish Council to choose from. GT felt the privet hedge should be replaced and a brief discussion of possible options followed, including beech and willow.

Action: HE and NM to identify playpark equipment options for next meeting. GT to bring a proposal for replacement for the privet hedge to the next meeting.


95/15 Allotment Association

HE reported that Bill Bourne had obtained a copy of a set of terms and conditions already in use by the Corbridge Allotment Association and approved and adapted by Northumberland Estates for our use. HE reported that a full list of tenants had been compiled and the next step was to organise a meeting and form a committee. HE confirmed that the Parish Council was already a member of the National Association of Allotments and that an advantage of setting up our own Allotment Association would be control of the waiting list. EW asked if there would be any control over maintenance of the allotments and removing allotments from those who do not do so. HE was unable to confirm this without sight of the ‘terms and conditions’ but noted that there was already a clause in the current lease agreement to maintain allotments.

Action: HE to obtain and circulate a copy of the ‘Allotment Association Terms and Conditions’ and to obtain a list of benfits of forming and allotment Association.


96/15 Double Yellow Lines

HE reported that she had contacted NCC several times to find out if the Parish Council’s request to extend double yellow lines was on the traffic schedule. HC noted that the Parish Council should ensure they make this request again on the ‘Local Transport Plan’ (LTP) request which had recently been sent out; and we should make it a priority request.

Action: DB will work with Pat Murphy to ensure that the results of the public meeting are reflected in the LTP requests made to NCC.


97/15 Walks Brochures

HE confirmed that a quote had been obtained for 1,000 new ‘Alnmouth on Foot’ walks brochures at a cost of £1,221, which had been accepted. NM noted that Lesbury and Walkworth Post Offices would be approached to see if they would stock the brochures.

Action: HE to ask Lesbury and Walkworth Post Offices to stock the ‘Walks Brochures’.


98/15 Website

HE reported that the website and URL had not yet been transferred to the Parish Council by their current owner. A discussion followed covering the expense of the website and its suitability for the Parish Council needs.

Action: CB and HE to organise a meeting with Nick Naylor to organise transfer of the website and URL and payment of both to date (July 2015).


99/15 County Council Matters

HC reported that a two-tier consultation was underway on the preferred options for the proposed changes to the school system in Northumberland.


The move of County Council offices from County Hall in Morpeth had been delayed due to parking restrictions.


HC noted that funding for double yellow lines might be available from ‘small scheme funds’ at her disposal.


HC noted that the Parish Council must get it’s reponses to the ‘Local Transport Plan’ into NCC by the deadline date of 25th September 2015.

Action: HE to inform HC of availability of the Hindmarsh Hall for a public meeting to discuss Parking and traffic issues in Alnmouth.


100/15 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

DB reported that the festival had been very successful and income from the festival was still being calculated. A new committee had organised this festival and, following a ‘wash-up’ meeting, a lot of new ideas had been generated for next year’s festival. NM passed on the thanks and congratulations of the Parish Council to the Festival Committee. GT noted that car parking signs had proved confusing for some visitors who thought that the village was closed. DB noted that the wording of the sigs and the timing of when they were put up, would be looked at next year.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

HE reported that he recent fundraising quiz had raised £400 and extended the thanks of the Parish Council to the quiz organisers, for all their hard work. The Christmas Lights committee will be holding a test day on 26th July to establish a programme of repairs ahead of this year’s switch-on.


  1. Village Maintenance

HE reported that new planters had been delivered and will be installed around the Pant, opposite the Ex-Servicemens’ Club; more compost will be ordered and will be charged to the ‘Secret Garden’ fund. GT noted that Lovers Walk was in need of some attention as weeds were making access difficult.

Action: HE to ask NCC to strim the weeds alongside Lovers Walk.


  1. Planning

DD reported on the following applications:

Permissions Granted

Application: 15/01072/FUL

Proposal: Retaining Walls

Location: Bridgewater House, 4 Bridge End

Applicant: Mr S. Wilson

Decision: Permission Granted


Application: 15/01383/LBC

Proposal: New windows and doors

Location: Hemmel Cottage, High Buston Hall

Applicant: Mr K. Lewis

Decision Permission Granted


Application: 15/01661/FUL

Proposal: New porch and dormer

Location: 8 High Buston, Main Street

Applicant: Ms Rachel Baines

Decision: Permission Granted



Application: 15/00194/FUL

Proposal: New dwelling

Location: Land East of 10 Alnwood

Applicant: Mr W. Gilroy

Decision: Notice of appeal.


101/15 Finance

a)    To appove expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council as are deemed necessary.


NM proposed that the following invoices should be paid, seconded by DD, approved by all.

  • Aurora Digital Print (newsletter)   £185
  • Clerk’s wage = £238.80 (INC £18 ADMIN) (AAF contribution is £27.60 = total of £266.40)
  • Travel – Clerk to Finance Course in Harrogate £32.50
  • Hotspur Forestry – Planters/Picnic tables £706.95
  • AAF = NEED Bus – £272
  • Playsafety – Park Inspection - £92.40
  • AAF Name Badges - £27.46
  • AAF Refreshments for Children - £ 52.30
  • AAF Sportsworld Banner Amendments - £5.00
  • AAF – Craftmobile - £255
  • SLCC Finance Course £114
  • NALC Chairman Training £10

·         BDO - £240


The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for June.








Transfer to Dr Joy




Boathouse Rent




Boathouse – Electrical Work




Peases Park Fence




Bin Store




Boathouse – Stonework Repairs




Clerk – Wage & Admin








Alnmouth PCC – Grass Cutting



TOTAL = £3,345.25  Current Account                   £6,868.98 Instant Reserve


102/15 Council Communications

Receipt of the following communications was reported:

·         Local Transport Plan 2016-17

·         LCR Summer 2015

·         Campaign to Protect Rural England Newsletter – Summer 2015

·         Street Trading Letter – NCC will consult with all Parish Councils that cover the locations where the trader proposes to trade.

·         Clerk’s and Council’s Direct July 2015

·         The Clerk July 2015

·         CAN News Summer 2015


104/15 Any Other Business



105/15 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 7.30pm in the Hindmarsh Hall.


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