TUESDAY 11th July 2017 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Neil Gale (NG), Susanne Gair (SG), Mac McHugh (MM), George Ternent (GT), William Gilroy (WG), Harvey Roberts (HR).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Robbie Moore (RM).



90/17 Apologies for Absence

·         Apologies were received from: Shaun Whyte and County Councillor Gordon Castle.


91/17 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

·         GT proposed the minutes of the meeting 13th June be accepted with the following amendment, SG seconded this, agreed by all.

Amendment: Item 84/17 (c) SW had referred to the War Memorial, not Dr Joy’s Garden.


92/17 Declaration of Interest

·         No declarations.


93/17 Election of new Chairman and Vice-Chairman   

·         SM proposed Neil Gale as the new Chairman, GT seconded, agreed by all. NG proposed Mac McHugh as the new Vice-Chair, seconded by HR, agreed by all.


94/17 Matters Arising Out of Minutes

a)    Church Hill Erosion

  • SW had contacted all possible parties involved and reported disagreement over where responsibility lay for the repairs and was awaiting responses.


b)    Arriva Buses

  • The Clerk had received a reply to her letter to Nick Knox, Area Director North East of Arriva stating that the changes requested could not be delivered but the matter would be kept under review.


c)     New Club/Group

  • NG reported that the person offering the donation had been contacted but no response received as yet.


d)    Public Conveniences Building

  • The Clerk had circulated an email from Kate Steel at NCC reporting that the position of Northumberland Estates regarding the lease on the building housing the Public Conveniences was that they would not consider disposing or granting an extension to the current lease but they would consider and assignment of the current lease or grant of a new lease.


e)    Memorial Bench Request

  • The Clerk reported another request in addition to the request received from a resident last month.

       Action: NG to follow up the issue of the Public Conveniences and look at the possibility of 

       the sale of the building. DD to look at a location for a memorial bench just outside the Park



95/17  Parish Council Vacancy

  • The Clerk reported that the period of notice would conclude on 14th July, after which it would be possible to invite applications for the vacant seat.

       Action: Clerk to proceed with the advertisement of the vacancy when the period of notice

       was concluded.


96/17 Traffic Management and One-Way System

  • A discussion of the current system covered the following points:
    1. Could the 20minute time limit be removed.
    2. Reverse the one-way route and thus remove the accident black-spots on the Wynd and Peases Lane and re-instate lost parking and the two bus stops.
    3. The frequency of visits to the village by the Traffic Warden. MM asked how much money had been raised by NCC from his frequent visits.
    4. Suggestion of better signage in the village.
    5. Suggestion to block the exit from Northumberland Street to the Wynd which would result in creation of parking bays.
  • GT suggested asking for an exemption order for forthcoming events such as the Raft Race and Beer Festival.
  • NG noted that the main issue seemed to be parking and what we do about it.
  • MM felt that the ‘Argyle Street Residents Permits’ had been handled badly and had created further issues.

Action: NG to raise the 20minute parking bays with Dan Fraser at NCC. RM to enquire into the frequency of visits by the Traffic Warden and the possibility of an Exemption Order.


97/17 Beacon Pole Maintenance

·         DD reported that the Beacon Pole was not in a serious state of disrepair and felt that the costs involved in carrying out the necessary maintenance work suggested that it should be left alone until funds became available.

Action: No action.


98/17 War memorial /Planters Maintenance

·     SW sent in a written report to say that he had carried out planting work around the War memorial and suggested that the bench could be removed due to its state of disrepair. SW is happy to continue with this work with help and advice and noted that the planters on The Wynd should be given priority.

Action: SW to continue this work. DD to assist and help form a team for this work.


99/17 Planning Core Strategy

·     RM reported that this had been discussed and the plan had been pulled due to issues of housing. RM noted that there would be a 9mth period to allow NCC to revise and update the ‘Core Strategy’.


100/17 RoSPA Playpark Safety Report

·     NG reported that he had looked at the report and the playpark and there were a few items which could be looked at and suggested that a careful monitoring of the park be maintained. WG suggested that ‘gorilla glue’ could be used to repair the cracks in the wood which the inspection report had noted.

Action: GT to look at cost estimates.


101/17Council Matters

  • RM reported that there would be bi-monthly North Northumberland Area Council meetings of which County Councillor Gordon Castle was the Chairman; there was a planning section and a public section with a ‘Question and Answer’ element. RM noted that planning applications for developments of one hundred houses or less would be decided by County Councillors who represent that area. RM reported that this committee would get a separate budget and there would be funds for roads and repairs. The aim is to encourage interaction with local Parish Councils. RM noted that the intention was to make the Greenwell Lane Council Office more of an ‘open shop’ for Council matters.


102/17 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Arts Festival

·     MM reported that the ‘wash-up’ meeting had not been held yet so there wasn’t much to say. NG asked for the thanks of the Parish Council to be recorded for a highly successful festival.


b)    Christmas Lights

·     The Clerk reported that build nights would start on 10th August and continue every Thursday until switch on.


c)     Village Maintenance

·      DD noted that the memorial benches in the village required some work. Following a discussion it was decided that WG and DD would conduct a survey of the benches and then draft a plan to deal with repairs. GT noted that the benches in Peases Park were to be maintained by the owners.

·     DD noted that the fencing around the Duchess Bridge viewing area needed to be repaired.

·     MM asked about progress on the Information Boards. SG noted that Helen Holden had the text for the boards and work was in progress.

Action: DD and WG to conduct memorial bench survey. HE to obtain quote for fencing from Youlls. SG to bring a progress report on the Information Boards to the September meeting.


d)    Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee

· DD to speak to the Fundraising committee and obtain a progress report.


e)    Planning

No planning applications were reported.


103/17 Finance

a)    The following invoices/expenses were presented. NG proposed that the invoices be approved for payment, GT seconded this, approved by all.

·         Aurora DP (Newsletter) - £185

·         1&1 (Website) - £23.99

·         Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £271.53 (27hrs + admin)

·         RoSPA Playpark Inspection - £96

·         Joinery Work on Boathouse - £110




£       IN

£    OUT










Clerk Wage & Admin




Nickalls Accountants Internal Audit




Printer Ink




Park Maintenance



         TOTAL = £11,537.25 Current Account     £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


b)    The Clerk reported that she had expected the External Audit but it not arrived yet. To be considered at the September meeting.


104/17 Council Communications

  • The Clerk July 2017
  • Green Dog Walkers Responsible Dog Ownership Campaign
  • Clerk’s and Councils Direct
  • Memorial Seat Request.

Action: Clerk to place Green Dog Walkers Campaign poster on noticeboard. Memorial seat request to go to the Burgage Holders as the request was for a location on the Common.


105/17 Public Contribution

  • None.


106/17 Any Other Matters for Discussion

  • DD reported that a resident had recently fallen on the path from Alnwood to the Top Club. DD noted that the path was in need of repair. WG offered to check the deeds of his property to see if there was any requirement for residents to contribute. As it was not clear who was responsible for the path maintenance it was agreed by all to pass the matter back to the resident involved.
  • NG asked who was responsible for strimming Lovers’ Walk.
  • MM noted that he was unhappy with the money spent on rumble strips on the road alongside Hipsburn First School which were put in place, covered in tarmac and then put in place again. MM felt this was a waste of money and the work should have been better planned.
  • GT noted the ‘Old Cricket Ground’ will be opened up for the Coastal Run.

Action: DD to speak to resident regarding path repairs. The Clerk to check responsibility for strimming Lovers Walk with Paul Derbyshire at NCC. RM to raise the issue of money spent on the rumble strips on the Hipsburn School road with NCC Highways.



107/17 Date and Time of next Meeting

·         12th September 2017, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.

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