TUESDAY 9th June 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (Chair), Nick Mattlock (NM) (Vice-Chair), David Denton (DD), George Ternent (GT), Mac McHugh (MM), Donald Blythe (DB), Jill Brown (JB), Ed Williams (EW)


In Attendance: Jill Bourne (taking the minutes in the absence of the Parish Clerk) and County Councillor Heather Cairns (HC)


77/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from County Councillor Gordon Castle, John Hobbis and Parish Clerk, Hazel Eccleston.


78/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

MM proposed acceptance of the minutes of 12th May, seconded by DD. Passed by all as a true record of the meeting.


79/15 Matters Arising

  1. Village Clean-up

Agreed to meet on Saturday, June 13th at 10am outside the Post Office.  Brooms to be brought.  It was noted that NCC staff have already picked up the litter from Northumberland Street.     


b)    Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee

The HH Committee have agreed to the Parish Council proposals for supporting their work in repairing the hall.  An initially small sub-committee  of 2 parish councillors and 2 HH Committee members was agreed.  BB and EW agreed to be the PC members.


c)    4 Peases Gardens

No response as yet from NCC to the letter sent to them regarding the covenant on this property.


d)    Painting the Beacon Pole

The Burgage Holders informed the Clerk that, as the pole is the property of the Parish Council, the Parish Council should therefore be responsible for painting it.  GT reported that he was storing the original shield which was attached to the beacon.  It was thought this should be restored and replaced in position.

Action: MM and DD to inspect the pole and assess the work required.  GT to report on the condition of the shield.


80/15 Co-option of Parish Councillor

GT proposed co-opting Callum Burns to fill the vacancy caused by Pat Murphy’s resignation, seconded by NM. Carried 8 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstentions.

Callum Burns then took his place on the Council.

BB expressed sincere thanks to PM for all his work over the years and gratitude that he had agreed to continue supporting the PC as its Planning and Traffic Consultant.  PM would continue to liaise with DD and DB over planning applications and attend PC meetings, as a member of the public, whenever his advice was required.


81/15 Peases Park upgrade

In the absence of the Clerk it was decided to defer this item. 


82/15 Bird Scarers

Complaints received from several residents about the noise from gas-gun pigeon scarers protecting rape crops on the west side of the river. Agreed to write to NCC Public Protection to establish the legal position and express residents concerns.

Action: Clerk to write to NCC Public Protection


83/15 Double Yellow Lines

No progress on PC’s request to extend double yellow lining in Riverside Road and by the Friary roundabout.

Action: Clerk to check the Local Transport Plan to see whether Alnmouth’s requests were on the schedule. HC will ask NCC official what happened to Alnmouth’s schedule.


84/15 NCC matters

 HC reported that there is a delay in moving the NCC offices to Ashington,which will affect other plans contingent on this move.

A decision on the future of Alnwick schools is imminent

The objections by Lesbury and Longhoughton Parish Council’s to the expansion of Longhoughton Quarry are to be taken forward to the Planning Committee.


85/15 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

JB reported that it is ready to go. She requested the marquee team to put the marquee up in the Park

Action: MN to organise the erection team for Thursday 18 June.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

Nothing new to report


  1. Village Maintenance

New Planters now in place at the War Memorial.  New planters for the Friary Pant have been made and will be delivered in the week beginning 15 June, along with 3 new picnic tables for the Park.

New dog waste bins have been delivered, but not with the correct fixings.  These have now been ordered

No progress to date with replacing the wooden edging in Dr Joy’s Garden.

The repair of the Boathouse walls in completed and the lighting system installed

Action: DD to remove the Compass from the ground, fill the hole with suitable gravel.  BB to store the compass and ask Sian Hartshorn if she has completed her designs for the new plinth.  GT to ask Simon Rippon for a start date for renewing the edging.


  1. Planning

Only one application received (15/01661/FUL)

      Proposal: New porch and new dormer at 8 High Buston Main Street, High Buston.

            Applicant: Ms Rachael Baines

Parish Council Comments: No objection.


The application for an additional dwelling in Alnwood has been rejected by NCC Planning Dept.


86/15 Finance

a)     To appove expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council as are deemed necessary.


MM proposed that the following invoices should be paid, seconded by NM, approved by all.


  • Aurora Digital Print (newsletter)                          £105
  • Clerk’s wages                                                    £266.40
  • Postage                                                            £6.48
  • Alan Arkle & Sons (boathouse repairs)                £3204
  • Helen Holden (AAF venue guide )                       £300
  • Neil Tait (fencing)                                              £1112.40
  • Neil Tait (litter bin box)                                       £174
  • Alnmouth PCC (cemetery grass cutting)              £200


The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for May












Boathouse Rent








Dog Waste Bins








Hall Hire - Meetings




Clerk – Wage & Admin








NALC Subscription




Village Maintenance - Compost




Boathouse Repairs




AON Insurance




Playdale Equipment




Village tubs - Plants



TOTAL = £9,086.95 Current Account         £6,868.98 Instant Reserve


87/15 Council Communications

Receipt of the following communications was reported:

  • Love Northumberland Awards.
  • Pensions Regulator

Action:  Chair to discuss with the Clerk any new obligations for the PC

  • Letter from Gordon Inkster.  A residents Association has been set up to co-ordinate the restoration of the Prospect Place cobbled surface.  CB has agreed to be the councillor responsible for managing this project.  BB will pass the papers relating to this on to CB.
  •  Request from Robin Winder to use the Park for his daughter’s wedding in July 2016.  Following discussion, DB proposed the Council agree to this request.  Seconded by GT.  In favour 7. Against 0. Abstentions 3.   The Parish Council expressed concerns about this event, in particular getting the approval of the adjacent residents and the lack of all facilities in the Park.

Action: MM agreed to discuss with Robin Winder the Council’s concerns about this event

88/15 Public Contribution

None present.


89/15 Any Other Business

  • Progress with the new interpretation Boards.  BB to liaise with Terry Collinson over the new art work
  • Coastal Path.  GT reported that renovation of the path at Foxton is now complete.
  • Walks Brochures.  NM reported that these are selling well and a new print run will be required.  Councillors agreed to check, in their travels around the village that the existing text is still accurate, reporting any necessary changes to NM.
  • MM noted that there had been several toolshed break-ins in the village.  A warning to residents will be included in the next Newsletter.
  • DB suggested a report on the Parish Council meetings should be sent to the Northumberland Gazette.  CB agreed to do this.
  • Website.  CB offered to discuss a better solution to the PC’s needs with BB and the Clerk, reporting to the next meeting.
  • Sign on the Wynd to the Public lavatories.  GT will replace this in its original position.


90/15 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 14th July 2015 at 7.30pm in the Hindmarsh Hall.


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