TUESDAY 14th June 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Bill Bourne (Chair) (BB), Nick Mattlock (Vice Chair) (NM), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Edwin Williams (EW), Jill Fernback (JF), Donald Blythe (DB), Neil Gale (NG), Mac McHugh (MM), George Ternent (GT).



In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillors Heather Cairns (HC) and Gordon Castle (GC).


65/16 Apologies for Absence



66/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of 10th May were agreed. Proposed by EW seconded by NM, all in favour.


67/16 Declarations of Interest



68/16 Traffic Management Report

Margaret Robinson from Northumberland County Council attended to outline the proposals to be put before the parishioners of Alnmouth and to give the Parish Council an opportunity to ensure that all points had been covered.


Margaret pointed out that everyone would have a chance to feed back on the proposals after the public exhibition. Feedback forms would be provided at the public exhibition. The proposals are designed to generate interest and comments. All of the areas below were discussed but feedback will be provided following the public exhibition.


The proposals covered the following areas:

  • New signs – speed limits and directions
  • Proposed traffic movements – such as a one-way system
  • Proposed residential parking zones
  • Proposed parking bays


BB thanked Margaret Robinson for attending.


69/16 Matters Arising out of the April Meeting

a)     Peases Park Upgrade

  • BB reported that the order for the new team swing and the repairs to the climbing tower had been placed and would be carried out in 5-6 weeks time.
  • DD has re-taped the climbing tower and placed eight notices at various points around the park.
  • A member of the public attending the meeting (Mr W Gilroy) suggested a stronger tape to cordon off the climbing tower.
  • BB has asked Northumberland estates for information regarding the Parish Council’s tenure of the park land, which is a condition of securing s.106 funds.
  • NG and NM have conducted a tour of the park and have a few points to address. BB noted he now has a replacement bucket set for one of the swings. BB has also spoken to Shian Hartshorn regarding planting to replace the old privet and the intention is to use locally sourced plants.
  1. Dr Joy’s Garden

          BB is meeting Shian Hartshorn to discuss the design of the new plinth, refurbishing the gravel area and


c) Parish Bus Shelters

          BB reported no response from the Parochial Church Council.

d) Clerk’s Computer

          No report.


70/16 Small Boathouse Use

Carried to July meeting.


71/16 Council Matters

Covered by other items on the agenda.


BB thanked HC and GC for their support in general and in particular with regards to the traffic management survey.


DD asked if there was any update on the proposal for Shepherds’ Huts on the Bracken Hill caravan site.

Action: HC to investigate and report back.


72/16 Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

DB reported that the marquee was about to go up on the village green and everything else was ready to go.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

          The Clerk reported on a successful quiz night on 27th May at which £366 was raised. The Parish Council           thanked Darran Eccleston, John Hall, Richard Lillico and Andrew Ternent for a fantastic and enjoyable               night.

  1. Village Maintenance

           BB noted that the new tubs were in place at The Pant and asked for thanks to be recorded for Shian                Hartshorn, Suki Percy and Judith Williams for their help with the planting.


          DD asked when the new seats would be delivered as two seats required some repairs.


          DD asked when the memorial benches in the village would be checked for repairs/maintenance.


The Clerk reported a complaint from a member of the public regarding the repairs required to the climbing tower (see Matters Arising).

Action: BB to organise delivery or the new picnic seats from Hotspur Forestry. NM will carry out a tour of inspection of the memorial benches. The Clerk to respond to the complaint regarding play equipment.


  1. Hindmarsh Hall Fund

BB noted the next stage for the fundraising campaign is for the Hindmarsh Hall sub-committee to meet the architect and agree a design/costs.   


  1. Planning

Permission Granted:

Application: 16/00498/FUL

Proposal: Demolition of garage and wall

Location: Waleric House, 9 Northumberland Street

Applicant: Mr E. McKee

Decision: Granted


Application: 16/00557/PRUTPO

Proposal: TPO – removal of branch

Location: 1 Wellfield Close

Applicant: Mr Spencer Steadman

Decision: Granted


Application: 16/00736/FELTPO

Proposal: TPO – Fell 2 Acer Pseuduplatanus + 1 Elder

Location: 34 Northumberland Street

Applicant: Mr David Siddle

Decision: Granted


Application: 16/00751/LBC

Proposal: Insertion of 2 rooflights into the East pitch of the main roof.

Location: Seafield House, 18 Northumberland Street

Applicant: Neil Blackwell-Brown

Decision: Granted


Application: 16/01308/FUL

Proposal: Single storey kitchen extension

Location: 2 Osborne Place

Applicant: Mrs Fiona Gregory

Decision: Granted


73/16 Finances

  1. The following invoices/expenses were presented. Proposed to be accepted by NM seconded by MM approved by all.

·         Aurora DP (Village Newsletter) - £105

·         NALC Subscription - £146.64

·         1&1 (Website) - £23.99

·         Clerk’s Wage – £238.80









Boathouse Rent




Boathouse Repairs




Hindmarsh Hall - Meetings




Peases Park Fencing




Clerk Wage/Admin




Picnic Tables




Website + Ink + Postage








Nickalls Accountants




ABCRA Boathouse Rent




Zurich Insurance



TOTAL = £8,740.94  Current Account                                        £3,704.17 Instant Reserve



74/16 Council Communications

·         Centenary of Fields in Trust – Programme to protect valuable green spaces across the country such as war memorial parks, playing fields etc.

·         Carers Northumberland – Request for donation

·         Burgage Holders – letter to confirm commencement of summer beach cleaning hours.


75/16 Public Contribution

Two members of the public attended. Mr William Gilroy raised concerns regarding the handling of planning applications he has made over the previous two years. In particular Mr Gilroy was unhappy with refusal of planning permissions. BB noted that whilst the Parish Council were asked for their opinion and could raise concerns, they had strict policies to govern the areas of concern they would raise, e.g. traffic, parking or if the proposed planning negatively impacted on the village. BB noted that the opinion of the Parish Council carried no more weight with NCC than that of a member of the parish/public.


Mr Gilroy also raised concerns regarding the procedure followed for co-option of new Parish Councillors and asked why it had not been made clear that an election would be called if 10 or more parishioners asked for one. BB noted that there were clear rules to be followed when co-opting Parish Councillors and the correct procedure and notices, supplied by NCC, had been followed.


Mr Gilroy announced his intention to stand for the Parish Council in 2017 at the elections.


76/16 Other Matters for Discussion

  • The Clerk reported she had not yet heard from the Church regarding a contribution to the grass cutting costs – Action: Clerk to contact Isabel Chalmers
  • BB asked for thanks to be recorded to Sarah Murphy and the Womens Institute of Alnmouth for organising and running the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations. Despite the poor weather, there had been a good turn-out and everyone had enjoyed themselves. Thanks also to John and Anne Hobbis for their support and the Shell family for supplying the tug-o-war rope.


The Parish Council gave its congratulations and best wishes to  Parish Councillor Jill Brown – now Parish Councillor Jill Fernback – on the occasion of her marriage to James Fernback.


77/16 Date & Time of Next Meeting

12th July 2016, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.

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