TUESDAY 13th June 2017 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Neil Gale (NG), Susanne Gair (SG), Shaun Whyte (SW), George Ternent (GT), William Gilroy (WG), Harvey Roberts (HR).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Five Members of the public.



74/17 Apologies for Absence

·         Apologies were received from: Ed Williams.


75/17 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

·         SG proposed the minutes of the meeting 9th May be accepted without amendment, WG seconded this, agreed by all.


76/17 Declaration of Interest

·         No declarations.


77/17    Matters Arising Out of Minutes

a)    Small Boathouse

  • DD had obtained a quote of £110 for essential repairs to a detached door and barge board which require urgent repair. Agreed by all.


b)    Church Hill Erosion

  • SW will contact Northumberland Estates, Simon Lee at the National Trust and Iain Robson at AONB.


c)     Arriva Buses

  • The Clerk has sent a letter to Nick Knox, Area Director North East and is awaiting a response.


d)    New Club/Group

  • A suggestion had been made to the anonymous donor to contribute to an existing group. A response is awaited.


e)    Public Conveniences Building

  • NG has requested a meeting with NCC and is awaiting a response. SG felt the toilets were clean but shabby.

Action: NG and the Clerk to chase up NCC.


78/17  Parish Council Vacancy

  • The Clerk reported one applicant for the vacant seat. DD proposed that the application from Mac McHugh was accepted, SM seconded the proposal, agreed by all. Mac McHugh was duly elected to the Parish Council.
  • The Clerk read out a letter of resignation from Ed Williams. NG thanked Ed on behalf of the Parish Council for his hard work and wished him well for the future.

Action: Clerk to proceed with the process for vacancies


79/17 Traffic Management and One-Way System

  • NG noted that members of the public had attended to discuss traffic issues and invited them to speak in this section rather than later in the agenda. The points made covered:
    1. 20 minutes time limited parking bays – could the 20minute time limit be removed.
    2. Reverse the one-way route and thus remove the accident black-spots on the Wynd and Peases Lane and re-instate lost parking and the two bus stops.
    3. Lost parking would reduce visitor numbers to the village and result in lost business.
    4. Concerns with contacting residents without access to computers.
    5. Resident parking scheme in Argyle Street and a suggestion that it could be implemented elsewhere in the village.
    6. Suggestion of better signage in the village.
    7. Suggestion to block the exit from Northumberland Street to the Wynd which would result in creation of parking bays.
  • NG noted that the Parish Council had recently met with NCC and had a productive discussion.
  • NG noted a central line would be put on the two-way section of the Wynd.
  • The Clerk noted that efforts were made to ensure the residents were informed via the website, village newsletter and village noticeboard.

Action: NG to raise the 20minute parking bays with Dan Fraser at NCC


80/17 Memorial Seats

·         The Clerk reported a request for a memorial seat in Peases Park.

Action: Clerk to contact the family making the request for more information on locations. DD to look into possible locations.


81/17 Beacon Pole Maintenance

·         DD reported the maintenance work required would need professional involvement.

Action: DD to obtain quotes to bring to the July meeting.


82/17 Dog Waste Bins

·         GT reported a request for a dog waste bin at the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder.

Action: Clerk to request stickers advising the public to use dog waste bins and to inform the person making the request of this action.


83/17 Council Matters

  • No County Councillors present.


84/17 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Arts Festival

·         DD noted that a request had been made to put up the marquee. DD suggested Thursday as the best date.


b)    Christmas Lights

·         The Clerk reported that the Quiz night on 26th May had gone very well. Generally agreed that it had been a great night. £505 had been raised. Thanks were given to the quiz team.


c)     Village Maintenance

·         DD noted that maintenance work was required on the memorial benches in the village.

·         Clerk suggested a policy document on memorial benches and other aspects of Parish Council work and asked for suggestions.

·         SW suggested that the planters and Dr Joy’s Garden required some work and agreed to organise some volunteers after DD had assessed the work required.

·         DD asked for progress on the Information Boards. SG reported that Helen Holden now has the text and is making progress.

Action: DD to obtain professional advice. Clerk to draft a suggested policy document. Planters and Dr Joy’s Garden to go on July agenda.


d)    Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee

·     DD reported that a coffee morning had been held on the previous weekend and the plans/proposals for the Hall had been put on display.

·         SW asked if figures were available. DD reported that they had been available at the launch.


e)    Planning

·         SM has produced a report on the NCC Core Strategy and will distribute it for consideration at the July meeting

The following planning applications were reported.


Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning permission 16/04243/FUL

in order to

                accommodate various changes to approved plans.

Location: Highfield, 1 Foxton Drive, Alnmouth, NE66 3BD

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Archibald

Application No.: 17/01741/VARYCO

Parish Council Opinion: Neutral


Proposal: Tree Preservation Order

Planning Ref: 17/01118/PRUTPO

Location: 11 and 12 Alnwood, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Blythe

NCC Decision: Granted


Site Visit for the following application to take place on Monday 26th June at 4pm.

Application to be presented at North Northumberland Local Area Council on 29th June at 4pm.

Number: 16/04548/FUL

            Applicant: Mr Stuart Milligan

            Location: 1 Friary Gardens, Alnmouth

            Proposal: Construction of detached garage.

       Action: Core Strategy to go on July agenda.


f)      Food Festival

·         No report.


85/17 Finance

a)    The following invoices/expenses were presented. SG proposed that the invoices be approved for payment, SW seconded this, approved by all.

·         Aurora DP (Newsletter) - £105

·         1&1 (Website) - £23.99

·         Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £271.53 (27hrs + admin)

·         Printer Ink - £

·         Internal Audit & Accounts Report - £540

·         Stamps - £3.90




£       IN

£    OUT










Clerk Wage & Admin








Boathouse Repairs




Zurich Insurance




NALC Subscription



         TOTAL = £12,553.76 Current Account                 £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


86/17 Council Communications

  • Broxap Catalogue
  • Seafarers UK – Request to fly Red Ensign on Merchant Navy Day – 3rd September. GT noted a flag pole and flag were available for use at the Boat Club.
  • Bill Bourne (email) – Thanks for gift and good luck wishes to the Parish Council for the future. Bill also responded to a query regarding letters in the Village Newsletter and noted that it had been decided in the past not to include them due to lack of space and the purpose of the Newsletter to inform of village events not to act as a forum of discussion.


87/17 Public Contribution

  • See item 79/17
  • PC Stuart Bruce introduced himself as the new Neighbourhood Police Officer. PC Bruce’s area extends from Newton by the Sea to Felton and includes Alnmouth. PC Bruce hopes to become a known face and contact for day-to-day matters. PC Bruce asks the public to ring 101 and leave a message for his collar number of 893 or you can email him on


88/17 Any Other Matters for Discussion

  • GT asked if volunteers who helped with maintenance in the Park would be covered by the Parish Council insurance.

Action: Clerk to check Parish Council insurance.


89/17 Date and Time of next Meeting

·         11th July 2017, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.




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