TUESDAY 12th May 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (Chair), Nick Mattlock (NM) (Vice-Chair), David Denton (DD), John Hobbis (JH), Pat Murphy (PM), George Ternent (GT), Mac McHugh (MM), Donald Blythe (DB), Jill Brown (JB),


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) County Councillor Heather Cairns (HC)

60/15 Election of Officers and Committee Members

The following officers were elected for the following year:

Chair – Bill Bourne – Nominated: GT, seconded: JH, all in favour.

Vice-Chair – Nick Mattlock – Nominated:PM, seconded: JB, all in favour.


The remaining sub-committees retain their current representatives.

·         Arts Festival – Jill Brown

·         Christmas Lights – Mac McHugh

·         Planning & Traffic – Pat Murphy

·         Senior Citizens Lunch Committee – John Hobbis

·         Village Maintenance – David Denton


61/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from County Councillor Gordon Castle.


62/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

DB proposed the minutes of 14th April, seconded by JH. Passed by all as a true record of the meeting.


63/15 Matters Arising

a) Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee

BB noted that there had not been progress in forming the committee but that he had a volunteer to help fill in funding application forms. BB was able to report that, following his attendance at the last Hindmarsh Hall Committee meeting, that he had secured their agreement to purchasing a device to monitor changes in the cracks in the walls.


b)    Peases Gardens

The Clerk reported receipt of a letter from Sanderson Young which stated that they were aware of the covenant restricting use of 4 Peases Gardens as a holiday let. Sanderson Young had informed The Journal newspaper who had apologised for the error in their report. JB asked if it was possible to prevent the property being let as it was currently being let. BB noted that there had been problems enforcing the covenant in the past.

Action: HC agreed to look into the matter at County Hall. 


c)    Disabled Toilet Sign

The Clerk had contacted NCC who had stated that it was not one of their signs. NCC advised Parish Council that they were fully within their rights to remove it as it was also at too low a position and could cause an accident. BB proposed removing the sign, agreed by all.

Action: GT to organise removal of the disabled toilet sign.


64/15 Chairman’s Report

BB gave a thorough report on the activities of the Parish Council over the previous year. BB reported that the Parish Council had continued its routine roles of monitoring planning applications, general village maintenance and representing the village in the next levels of local government. The village newsletter is now six years old and the Arts festival, Christmas Lights and Senior Citizens Lunch continue to be successful; all only made possible by the hard working volunteers who deserve sincere thanks from all of the Parish Council. BB reported some notable successes such as: the restoration of the Harbour wall, the restoration of the War Memorial and the repairs to the Peases Park fence. BB also noted the Parish Council continues to work to improve the Parish by restoring the Boathouses and upgrading Peases Park, however, in order to continue this work and successes, the Parish Council needs to be more incusive and recruit new and younger members. GT proposed a vote of thanks for all the hard work of BB over the previous year.


65/15 Co-option of New Parish Councillor

Following the resignation of Parish Councillor Nick Naylor, a vacancy had become available on the Parish Council. Applications were sought from the Parish and two interested parties had applied. It was agreed by all that both candidates would be welcome on the Parish Council. However, as there was only one vacancy, the nominations and votes were as follows:

Applicant: E. Williams

Nominated by: GT

Seconded: DB

Votes: 3 in favour.


Applicant: C. Burns

Nominated by: NM

Seconded: DD

Votes: 2 in favour.

Action: Clerk to write to Ed Williams to invite him to join the Parish Council and to Calum Burns to thank him for his interest.


66/15 Boathouse Restoration

Two work specifications had been distributed – Electrical work and exterior painting. Parish Councillors JB and DB both declared an interest in the tenders and took no park in the discussion or vote. All tenders were thoroughly discussed and the decisions made as follows:


  • Provision of  a Lighting System in the Large Boathouse

Four tenders were received. PM proposed that James Fernback’s tender for £771.15, should be accepted. Seconded by NM. Eight votes in favour.


  • Painting Exterior Woodwork of the Large Boathouse to the specifications given.

GT proposed that Colin Beswick’s tender of £750 should be accepted. Seconded by DD. Five votes in favour,

three against.

Action: Clerk to write to successful applicants and unsuccessful to inform them of the result.


67/15 Peases Park Upgrade Project

The Clerk had done some initial research into: play tyres, a slide for toddlers and a basket swing. However, the Clerk felt that more research was necessary. BB noted that the money available from the s.106 payment could be accessed from NCC for this purpose and the Parish Council, could if necessary, add to this amount.

Action: NM to conduct further research and report back to the June meeting.


68/15 Street Trading Policy

The Clerk had already circulated a letter, containing a web link, from NCC, outlining their proposed policy changes. BB noted that s.17.1 was particularly worrying as it stated that if Ice-cream sellers applied for a ‘whole NCC consent’, the Parish Council would not be informed. It was generally agreed that street trading would have detrimental effect on the businesses currently operating in the village. GT proposed that the Parish Council should object to s.17.1 in the new draft policy on street trading by NCC, seconded by MM, agreed by all. HC suggested that funds from the Local Members Scheme could help fund double yellow lines in places where parking would cause problems/safety issues.

Action: Clerk to draft a letter for approval. Clerk to place double yellow lines on the June agenda.


69 Council Matters

HC noted that following the General Election last week, there were no relevant council matters to raise at this meeting. However, HC expects a lot of issues to come up in the next few weeks as a full NCC will return to normal business next week. HC also noted that she had some funds which could be put towards the upgrae of Peases Park or double yellow lines.


70/15 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

JB reported a busy and difficult week as the decision had been taken to abandon the garages at the Boys Club as a potential venue. This had resulted in serious difficulties in placing the artists assigned to this venue; otherwise everything else was on target. DB noted that JB, Naomi Valentine and the Arts Festival team had done an incredble amount of work to get the Festival ready. JB noted she had some changes in mind to make the Festival easier to manage next year.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Clerk reported that the Christmas Lights fundraising quiz night was well underway and encouraged everyone to form a team and come along for what promised to be a fun and entertaining evening.


  1. Village Maintenance

BB asked if grass cutting had started yet. GT noted that he had started cutting the grass in the park and DD had cut the grass on the roundabout. The Clerk report receipt of two dog waste bins which would be handed over to BB for installation. BB reported that Shain Hartshorn had bought new planters using the ‘Secret Garden’ funds, which would go on the War Memorial and the Pant.


DD noted that some seats in the village required repair and painting. BB suggested examining the seats in the village to establish what work was required on them.


A resident had asked about progress in renewing the 4 information boards. BB reported that the work was progressing and the text had reached the final stage,  but there were reservations about the suitability of some of the artwork.Terry Collinson is currently sourcing suitable images from the Local History Groupl. The additional board for the harbour area is included in this programme.


DD asked if there were any plans yet to move the stone compass in the Dr Joy Garden following the suggestion at the last meeting that it should be moved to protect it from further erosion. A full discussion followed regarding the best place to set the stone, such as in front of the Information Board plinth or into a grassy bank, once it has been moved.

Action: DD to remove the Compass from the ground and for it to go into storage until a decision is taken regarding its location.


  1. Planning

PM reported only one application:

Application: 15/01072/FUL

      Proposal: Landscaping of Garden, introducing retaining walls to terrace the garden (1.8m high – lower

      wall, 1.3m high – upper wall). Lower wall to have standard height galvanised railings on top for safety.

      Upper wall supporting the patio to have a glass parapet on top.

            Location: Brightwater House, 4 Bridge End

            Applicant: Mr Stefan Wilson

Parish Council Comments: No objection. DD noted that he did not like the glass.


71/15 Finance

a)    To  approve annual accounts return for year ended 31st March 2015

DB proposed that the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2015 be accepted, GT seconded, agreed by all.


b)    To approve annual governance statement that there is a sound system of internal controls, including preparation of the accounting statements.

DD proposed that there was a sound system of internal controls including the preparation of the accounting statements, MM seconded, agreed by all.


c)     To appove expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council as are deemed necessary.

MM proposed that the following invoices should be paid, seconded by PM, approved by all.

  • Newsletter - £105
  • Clerk’s Wage and Admin = £238.80
  • Dog Waste Bins - £201.60
  • Nickalls Accountants – Annual Accounts + Internal Audit - £504
  • Hindmarsh Hall – Meetings for 3 months - £104
  • Stationery - £3.78


The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for April.


Parish Council



£ IN



Boathouse Rent








Clerk Wages + Admin




Petrol for Mower




Plants for Tubs




Large Boathouse Rent



TOTAL = £6,802.22  Current Account                     £6,868.98   Instant Reserve


72/15 Parish Council Insurance

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council Insurance was due and a quotation from AON Insurance had been received for £1,886.47. The Clerk ased if the Marquee should be added to the insurance policy but it was generally agreed that the only damages which it was most likely to suffer, wind damage, was not covered by the policy. GT proposed that the quote be accepted, seconded by MM, agreed by all.


73/15 Council Communications

The Clerk reported receipt of the following communications:

  • Local Council Review – Spring  2015
  • Clerks and Councils Direct – May 2015
  • The Clerk Magazine – May 2015
  • Request for Memorial Bench – This was refused due to lack of space for a new bench and the policy that first consideration for any available space would be given to parish residents.
  • Request from the Burgage Holders to paint the Beacon pole – BB suggested asking the Burgage Holder if they will paint the pole for the Parish Council.

Action: Clerk to write to the Burage Holders regarding the Beacon pole and to respond to the request for a memorial bench.

74/15 Public Contribution

None present.


75/15 Any Other Business

JB had rceived a complaint of harrassment of a resident by another resident and asked what the Parish Council could do to offer support. The advice was that all incidents should be recorded and reported to the Police and the only action open to the Parish Council was also to refer such matters to the Police.


76/15 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 9th June 2015, 7.30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.


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