TUESDAY 10th May 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Bill Bourne (Chair) (BB), Nick Mattlock (Vice Chair) (NM), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), EdwinWilliams (EW), Jill Brown (JB), Donald Blythe (DB), Neil Gale (NG).



In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillors Heather Cairns (HC) and Gordon Castle (GC).


50/16 To elect officers for the 2016/17 Financial Year.

  1. Chairman – Bill Bourne was nominated for the position of Chairman by DB, seconded by JB, agreed by all.
  2. Nick Mattlock was nominated for the position of Vice-Chair by JB, seconded by EW, agreed by all.


51/16 Apologies for Absence

Mac McHugh and George Ternent.



52/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of 19th April were agreed. Proposed by DB, seconded by NG, all in favour.


53/16 Declarations of Interest



54/16 Chairman’s Report

BB thanked the Parish Councillors, those present and those who have retired this year, for the work they do on behalf of the residents of Alnmouth. BB thanked HC and GC for  their support and advice and for providing effective links with NCC. BB also thanked the Clerk for her hard work. BB gave a round up of the activities which had taken place over the previous year and those still required:

  • ABCRA have moved into the Large Boathouse
  • Progress is being made to make effective use of the Small Boathouse
  • Lovers Walk is being repaired
  • Less success with the repairs to Church Hill
  • Progress slow with the repairs/additions to Peases Park
  • Dr Joy’s Garden requires work
  • Information Boards require replacement and work
  • Work still to do on the planters in the village
  • Payment for winter maintenance of the Public toilets had to be paid for from the Parish funds, hence the increase in the Precept this year. Thanks to the Burgage Holders for their donation of £1,000 last year.
  • Arts Festival and Christmas Lights Committees are doing well
  • Last year saw the re-introduction of the Bonfire Night organised by the Parish Council.


55/16 Matters Arising out of the April Meeting

a)     Peases Park Upgrade

              NM and EW reported that the money from the s.106 funds has now been secured but there are still a               number of contitions to fulfill:

  • Prove ownership/secureity of tenure for the land (Peases Park).
  • If the equipment ceases to be used in the next 25yrs, the money will have to be repaid.

Action: NM and EW to consult Colin Barnes at Northumberland Estates regarding ownership of the land. HC to speak to NCC as she felt it was not in the spirit of the funding to place so many conditions of the grant of funds.

b)     Dr Joys Garden

              BB had no report to make but noted that he and DD would meet to put together a specification for the               design of the plinth.

c)     Parish Bus Shelters

              BB reported no response from the Parochial Council.

d)     Clerk’s Comuputer

              No report.


56/16 Small Boathouse Use

Carried to June meeting.


57/16 HM The Queen – 90th Birthday Celebrations

  • Taken on by the Alnmouth WI
  • Marquee is to erected on the 10th June
  • SM asked if there would be tables and chairs available for people to use.

     Action: Clerk to contact Helen Holden and Jo Driscoll and inform them of the event and ask if they      could organise games etc. Clerk to organise posters. BB to organise power and check availability      of tables and chairs.


58/16 Council Matters

Covered by other items on the agenda.


59/16 Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

DB reported that banners would go up this weekend.

Tables have been bought and a van hired to put up signs.

The childrens’ parade will be rehearsed on the Saturday before


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

           The Clerk reported that the next fundraising event was the annual Quiz Night.

           JB asked when the next committee meeting would be – Clerk to check.


  1. Village Maintenance

          NG took on this role from NM and will check the park and play equipment on a fortnightly basis. NM and           BB will pass on instructions to NG.


  1. Hindmarsh Hall Fund

DD reported that the committee had agreed to remove the stage and an architect has been engaged. DD and the committee will be meeting soon to put together a brief for the architect. BB will speak to Terry Collinson regarding a fundraising campaign.


  1. Planning

Application: 16/01003/CLEXIS

Proposal: Application for Lawful Development Certificate for an exisiting use

Location: Link End Caravan Park

Applicant: Mr Andrew Scott

Decision: Neutral as this is a legal matter.


Application: 16/01308/FUL

Proposal: Single storey kitchen extension

Location: 2 Osborne Place

Applicant: Mrs Fiona Gregory

Decision: Neutral


Permission Granted:

Application: 16/00821/FUL

Proposal: Crib retaining wall

Location: High Buston Hall


Tree Preservation Order

Application: TPO10/2016

Land at Schofield Place


Pre-Application Consultation

Location: 3 Lovaine Terrace

Applicant: Maryann Freer

Proposal: New enlarged window

APC Decision: Neutral – identical to a window further along.



60/16 Finances

  1. Responsible Financial Officer’s Report and Presentation and Approval of Accounts for the Financial year ending 31st March 2016.

           The Clerk gave the following report, highlighting movement of funds throughout the year.


           This area saw a decrease this year as last year the ‘Roger Bettess Fund’ was set up and a substantial            amount was raised for the ‘Secret Garden Fund’.


This area saw an increase due to capital expenditure on replacement picnic tables and new dog waste bins and repairs to the Large Boathouse, play equipment and the winter opening of the Public Toilets.

Precept – Increase £1000

The increase in the precept was in response to a forseen increased pressure on Parish Council funds as projects such as village maintenance, safety improvements to Peases Park and increased spending in such areas as public toilets and grass cutting as Northumberland County Council further reduced the areas it was responsbile for. Proposal that the finanial report be accepted by EW, Seconded: NM, agreed by all


  1. To approve the annual governance statement that there is a sound system of internal controls, including the preparation of the accounting statements for Financial Year ending 31st March 2016.

Proposed: NM

Seconded: SM

Agreed by all


  1. The following invoices/expenses were presented. Proposed to be accepted by SM seconded by NG approved by all.
  • Clerk’s wage = £238.80
  • Parish Website = £23.99
  • Village newsletter = £105
  • Northumberland Estates (picnic tables) - £397.70
  • Stationery - £41.82
  • Accountants/Internal Audit = £504




£ IN



Boathouse Rates








Clerk’s Wage/Admin




Petrol for Mower











TOTAL = £13,360.75  Current Account                                 £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


  1. To consider and approve the Insurance Policy for 2016/17

AON - £1,856.86 (minus 5% for a three year deal)

Zurich – £1,293.30 (inc discount for three year deal). Proposal to accept a three-year deal offered by Zurich -  NM, seconded – SM, agreed by all.


61/16 Council Communications

  • Mrs Stubbs – Memorial Bench (email) – Thanks for painting of bench.
  • Local Council Review
  • Clerk’s and Councils Direct


62/16 Public Contribution

Sean Whyte/Alison Arrowsmith

  • Thanked the Parish Council for their agreement to put up new signs
  • Would like to proceed with a temporary A-Frame sign at a cost of £140 until NCC can put up permanent signs and welcomed any contributions. BB noted that if Highways were happy the Parish Council had no objection.
  • A discussion followed of previous and prospective sites for road signs indicating the direction of the beach and the village.
  • HC updated the meeting on the Road/Traffic Survey – it is virtually complete

Action: HC to pursue the issue of signs with NCC again. HC to ask NCC to present the options from the road/traffic survey to the Parish Council at the June meeting and following that, at a public meeting.


Friends of Bracken Hill Group, Andrew Scott, Dale Maloney

  • The Friends of Bracken Hill presented their concerns regarding the proposed development at Link End of Shepherds Huts. Dale Maloney and Andrew Scott presented their case and left a set of FAQs and answers which can be obtained from the Clerk.
  • BB noted that the Parish Council had not received any information on which to make a decision as the application was for a continuation of use certificate for which NCC were under no legal obligation to consult any parties.
  • GC outlined the current situation and noted that he had spoken to the Head of Planning that day:
  • It is NOT a planning application it is a continuation of use certificate and no decision has yet been made.
  • If a certificate of lawful use is granted, a planning application will still have to be submitted.
  • HC noted she had spoken to the Licensing officer and there were issues for discussion regarding the licence.
  • BB noted that the Parish Council could not speculate on what might happen and could only discuss and decide on matters of fact, presented to them. BB suggested that the proper way forward was to wait for the decision of NCC and them call a Public Meeting.

Action: NM will disseminate the FAQ from Dale Maloney and Andrew Scott in the Post Office. GC will ask for the decision of the Certificate of Use to be passed on to him as soon as it is made.


63/16 Other Matters for Discussion

None raised.


64/16 Date & Time of Next Meeting

14th June 2016, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.


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