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Minutes of the meeting for June 2014.




TUESDAY 10th June 2014 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (Chair), Nick Mattlock (Vice-Chair), David Denton (DD), Donald Blythe (DB), John Hobbis (JH), Pat Murphy (PM), Jill Brown (JB), Mac McHugh (MM), George Ternent (GT).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk).


87/14 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Councillors Nick Naylor (NN), and County Councillors Gordon Castle and Heather Cairns.


88/14 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

MM proposed the minutes of 13th May, seconded by PM. Passed by all as a true record of the meeting.


89/14 Matters Arising

  1. Information Management Strategy

Agreed by all that the site was ready to be handed over to the Clerk to manage.

Action: Clerk to organise training from NN and to organise payment of relevant invoices.


  1. Peases Park Trees

NM suggested asking Tom Dexter fell/tidy up the tree stump.

Action: NM to approach Tom Dexter and report back to July meeting.


  1. Peases Gardens – Enforcement of Covenant

BB agreed to draft a letter to be sent to NCC and copied to the selling agents to inform them of the covenent and the responsibility to enforce it.

Action: BB to draft letter and provide Clerk with copy for the files.


  1. Boathouse Work Specification

BB reported that the Clerk had drafted a letter to Ray Connell to ask him to look at the work required on the Boathouse and to amend the work specification accordingly; it will then be sent to interested parties. BB noted that once the work specification is ready to be sent out, consideration will need to be given on how to pay for the work.

Action: BB will pass the letter and draft work specification onto Ray Connell in the next few days.


  1. Electricity Standpoint in Peases Park

The Clerk had already circulated an email from PM giving details of the issues and costs to consider with regard to installing an electricity standpoint in the Park; anticipated costs were in the region of £5,000. MM noted that in addition to the considerable costs involved there was also the issue of future maintenance to consider. Agreed by all that it was something to look into for the future but that it would have to be put on the back-burner for now.

Action: Clerk to inform Christmas Lights Committee.


90/14 Insurance and Asset Register

The Clerk had previously circulated a quote from AON Insurance for £1,886.46, adding only Christmas Lights displays and stock as additional items and removing all memorial benches It was proposed that this quote should be accepted by JH and was seconded by MM, agreed by all. It was suggested that the Stone bus shelters should be given an annual inspection to establish if any maintenance was necessary; NM agreed to carry out these inspections.

Action: NM to inspect bus shelters at Hindmarsh Hall and High Buston.


91/14 Secret Garden Fund

The Clerk reported that £1,365.20 had been raised so far by the Secret Gardens event organised by Shian Hartshorn. On behalf of the Parish Council, BB congratulated Shian Hartshorn on her tremendous efforts in organising this event. The Clerk reported that Mrs Hartshorn had requested that the money to managed as a separate fund and that she was looking into self-watering system to assist her in maintaining the village tubs.

Action: Clerk to write to Mrs Hartshorn to congratulate her on a successful event.






92/14 Parish Open Meeting

A discussion took place as to suitable dates and it was agreed that a date in September would be most suitable.

Action: BB and the Clerk to set a date in September.


93/14 Beach Cleaner Work Hours

The Clerk outlined the current work hours of the Beach Cleaner and the suggestion by the Burgage Holders to pay for additional hours of work after Bank Holidays, when the beach very often requires more cleaning/litter collection than usual in the off-season. A discussion took place regarding the costs involved and the request was made for a specific amount of itemised hours to be given.

Action: Clerk to write to the Burgage Holders.


94/14 New Waste Bins and Dog Waste Stickers

The Clerk reported that despite several call to NCC, she could not establish the whereabouts of stickers for waste bins to inform members of the public that waste bins could be used to dispose of dog waste but that she was continuing her investigations. DB outlined the reasons for installing another waste bin at the South end of Peases Park to supplement the already heavily used bins at the North end of the park. The Clerk circulated details of bins similar to those already in place with costs ranging from £277 to £323. MM suggested purchasing a cheaper wheelie bin from NCC at an approximate cost of £40. BB noted that a box/bracket would be needed to house the bin and it was agreed by all to organise the build of a box.

Action: DD to look into build of box/bracket for wheelie bin. Clerk to investigate purchase.


95/14 Playground Equipment Repairs

The Clerk has been in correspondence with Playdale to source a quote for a replacement seat for the Elephant Rocker in the park. NM suggested that the Shark Rocker did not require a replacement seat and could be repaired in-house.

Action: MM and GT to examine the Shark Rocker and establish necessary repairs. Clerk to circulate quote for Elephant  Rocker as soon as it is received.


96/14 War Memorial – Designated Site of Special Architechtural /Historic Interest

BB reported that a letter had been received from English Heritage regarding the application for the War Memorial to be given the status of a Site of Special Architechtural /Historic Interest. English Heritage had asked for comments or any additional information, relevant to the application. Agreed by all that nothing further could be added to the application.


97/14 Argyle Street – Street Lights and Trees

The Clerk had previously circulated an email from a resident regarding the felling of trees in their garden and a street light on Argyle Street which was obscured by trees. It was agreed that this was an issue that NCC’s street lights team needed to respond to.

Action: Clerk to establish the street light number and pass on details of the problem to NCC’s Street Lights Team. BB to write to the residents concerned regarding the trees felled.


98/14 Council Matters 

No County Councillors were present.


99/14 Public Contribution

No member of the public attended.


100/14. Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

BB reported that organisation for the 2014 Festival was going well. JB asked if toilet facilities had been catered for. BB noted that two porta-loos would be provided at the Boys Club and four in the Park. MM noted that the Festival Ale had been organised. BB reported that traffic cones were in place on Foxton Road. BB noted that the Festival Open evening was on Friday 20th June.


  1. Christmas Lights

The Clerk reported that the fundraising quiz night had been held on 23rd May and had been well attended. A total of £121.30 had been raised on the night. The Clerk noted that the Hindmarsh Hall Committee had organised a craft fair on Switch-On night and BB noted that he hoped the Switch-on night would be a big village event.





  1. Village Maintenance

BB reported that he would attend to the information point at the Duchess Bridge and strim it/spray with weedkiller. BB noted that the Information Boards were the next big village maintenance job.

Action: BB to tidy up Duchess Bridge information point.


  1. Planning

PM reported that no applications had been received. The Clerk reported on correspondance received from a

resident regarding the ‘discharge of conditions’ by Mr John Orde in respect of the development to the rear of

the Schooner Hotel. Agreed by all to look into this matter and report back to the Council at the July meeting.

Action: PM and Clerk to investigate. Clerk to send holding email to NCC.


101/14 Finances

  1. To approve payment of the Clerk’s salary and expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council as are deemed necessary.

The Clerk noted that the following invoices had been received for the Parish Council. JH proposed that they be paid, seconded by PM, agreed by all:


  • Clerk’s June Wage/Admin - £196.40
  • May and June Newsletters - £210
  • Nickalls Accountants - £504
  • St. John the Baptist Church Grass Cutting Grant and Electrical Repair Grant - £450


The Clerk provided a list of transactions to date.

Parish Council



£ IN



Clerk Wage and Admin








Petrol for Mower




Fence Repairs




Plants for Tubs




Playdale – Ladder Repair




AON Insurance




Boathouse Rent



TOTAL = £8,896.45 Current Account                   £6,867.84 Instant Reserve


Christmas Lights



£ IN



Quiz Night Takings



TOTAL = £2,469.12


Senior Citizens Lunch

TOTAL = £1,113.64


War Memorial

TOTAL = £273.83


Arts Festival








Clerk’s Wage Contribution




Trail Guides




Nixon Hire Portaloos




Living North – June Issue Advert



TOTAL = £6,234.12


Walks Brochures

TOTAL = £1,240


The above amounts are based on figures available to the Clerk at the time of compilation.

102/14. Council Communications

The Clerk reported the receipt of the following communications:


103/14. Any Other Business

  • JB asked for the fundraising for a defibrillator box to go on the July agenda.


  • PM noted that he had arranged for a quote for the replacement of the remaining sections of the Park fence in viewof Councillor Gordon Castle’s offer to provide funds.
    Action: Clerk to send quotations to Councillor Castle


  • NM thanked the Marquee erection team for putting the marquee up so quickly and suggested leaving it in situ, in the Church grounds until it is required in the Park for the Arts Festival.


86/14. Date & Time Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 10th June 2014, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.

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