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TUESDAY 10th November 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (BB) (Chair), Nick Mattlock (NM), George Ternent (GT), Donald Blythe (DB), Ed Williams (EW), John Hobbis (JH), Mac McHugh (MM), David Denton (DD).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillors Heather Cairns (HC) and Gordon Castle (GC).


138/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Jill Brown and Calum Burns


139/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of 13th October were agreed.


140/15 Matters Arising out of the Minutes

·         Painting of Beacon Pole

Agreed that it required some restoration.

Action: MM and DD to carry out the necessary work.


·         Arriva Bus Route

BB noted that a complaint had been made to Nick Knox and the Parish Council would continue to petition Arriva to restore the connection between the Railway Station and the village.


·         Bonfire Night Assessment

BB reported that the Bonfire Night had been a huge success and thanked the team, led by Jill Brown, who had organised and run the event. BB also thanked the Burgage Holders of Alnmouth for their contribution of £250 to the funding of the event.


·         Dr Joy’s Garden

BB will ask local Garden Maintenance businesses to put forward bids to create a plinth for the Millenium Stone.


·         Small Boathouse

The Clerk reported that Jo Driscoll’s team had asked for details of any land which may have been handed over to the Parish along with the small boathouse. Agreed by all that the Jo Driscoll should look to the Land Registry for this information. NM reminded the Parish Council that Jo Driscoll’s group had been asked to form an Association. HC noted that a recent circular regarding ‘Leader Funds’ would suit Jo’s group.

Action: BB will look at the 2006 Feasibility Study Report, to see if any information could be found there.


141/15 Declarations of Interest



142/15 Public Conveniences

BB noted that the Parish Council had received communications from members of the public, protesting at the closure of the Public Conveniences. BB noted that they would not be re-opened, during the winter months, unless the Parish Council resolved to contribute to their maintenance. Following a discussion DB proposed paying for the maintenance of the Public Convenieces, during the winter months, from the Precept. DD seconded, agreed by all.

Action: Clerk to communicate the above decision to NCC. BB to issue a press statement to the Gazette and village newsletter.


143/15 Harbour Wall

The Clerk reported that she had contacted Tony Derbyshire at NCC to ask about progress with potential repairs to the Harbour Wall. Mr Derbyshire had noted the Parish Council’s concerns regarding the safety of pedestrians along Lover’s Walk and had agreed to visit the wall and keep a check on its state of repair. Mr Derbyshire agreed to inform Northumbrian Water and Northumberland Estates, both of whom have an interest in the repairs to the Harbour Wall.

The Parish Council noted that the sewage pipe running under the wall was a main pipe which would cause problems if damaged by the wall’s collapse.


144/15 – Parish Bus Shelters

Nothing to report as yet.


145/15 Peases Park upgrade

The Clerk reported on costs involved in repairing the climbing tower and it was agreed by all that the whole tower needed to be assessed and repaired. DD has taken steps to make the tower safe until it is repaired but noted that a more solid barrier was required.


The Council reviewed the quotes for a basket/cantilever swing in the park and agreed to approach Playdale as the most economical; proposed by MM, seconded by NM, agreed by all.

Action: NM to complete forms for s.106 application and include the quote from Simon Rippon in the application. Clerk to approach Playdale and ask them to assess the Climbing Tower with a view to repairs at the same time as their site visit to assess the viability of installing a basket swing. DD to organise a more solid barrier to stop use of the Climbing Tower.


146/15 County Council Matters

GC reported that the final decision had been taken to move the County to a two-tier school system. It is intended that August 2017 will be the date of transfer but there are still issues to resolve.


GC reported that street furniture and signage are topics under discussion, with a view to deciding whether policies should be formulated.


147/15 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

DB reported that planning was going well. The poster judging had been completed. There were 40 artist applicants so far and lots of new ideas.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Clerk reported that the lights were being put up and the children to carry out the switch-on had been chosen. BB had agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies for the night and arrangements were going well.


  1. Village Maintenance

DD asked if the planters had arrived. BB confirmed they had. DB offered to help put them in place.

Action:  BB to contact Shian Hartshorn to organise the placement of the planters and order compost.


BB noted that the traffic consultation was ongoing and the Clerk noted that she had received 13 more copies of a standard letter, objecting to the double yellow lines on Riverside Road. EW asked if the online map detailing the placement of the proposed double yellow lines had been amended as it had been incorrect when viewed very recently. HC noted that the necessary corrections had been made. GC noted that the objections raised had added public protection and licensing issues to those areas being considered.


DB noted that parking near Wellfield had the potential to cause an accident.

Action: Clerk to inform Margaret Robinson that the parking near Wellfield could cause an accident.


MM asked what progres had been made with the information boards. BB reported they were still a work in progress.


DD noted the new gulleys did not work as there was still flooding near the Duchess Bridge. GT noted that several gulleys in the village were prone to flooding.

Action: BB will draw up a list of gulleys which require clearing and the Clerk will pass the list on to NCC. Clerk will also contact Grahame Bucknell at NCC regarding the gulleys near the Duchess Bridge.


  1. Planning

The Clerk reported on the following applications:


Permissions Granted

Application: 14/04125/FUL

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of aproved planning application

Location: Alnmouth Boys Club, Foxton Road, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Tom Batey


148/15 Finance

a)     The following invoices/expenses were approved by all.

  • Clerk’s wage = £272.58 (INC £18 ADMIN + £6.18 stationery)
  • Parish Website = £23.99
  • First Emergency response Kit = £32.75
  • Bonfire Night Expenses =  Aldi – Juice = £4.00, ASDA – Soup & Hot Dogs = £39.47
  • Xmas Lights Equipment = £21.79
  • Stamps = £3.78
  • AAF Expenses = £47.75
  1. Hippotherapy – Therapy for children with special needs – request for funding.

Action: Clerk to inform applicant that this request had been refused and suggest alternative sources.


  1. Draft Budget

BB presented the draft budget for 2016/17. This budget now includes a £2,000 increase to take account of the need to re-open the public conveniences during the winter. BB noted that there would be a temporary drop in income as we would not be receiving the £85 per month rent for the small boathouse; although there were other irregular sources of income and the Burgage Holders were always generous to the community. DB proposed that the precept should be increased to £14,500, NM seconded, agreed by all.

Action: Clerk to send in the precept request for 2016/17 and to ask Andy Stewart to calculate the % increase for Band D housholds.

The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for September.



£ IN



Boathouse Rent




Clerk’s Wages & Admin




Poppy Wreath








SLCC Subscription




Burgage Holders - Fireworks



TOTAL = £10,955.54     Current Account                  £3,693.38 Instant Reserve


149/15 Council Communications

Receipt of the following communications was reported:

  • A duplicated letter of objection signed by the thirteen members of the public, objecting to the proposed parking restrictions on Riverside road.

Action: The objections were duly noted and the Clerk was instructed to forward the letters to Dan Fraser, contact point at NCC for the Riverside Road – Alnmouth - parking restrictions consultation.

  • The Clerk magazine – November 2015 Issue
  • Clerk’s and Councils Direct – November 2015 Issue
  • War Memorials Trust magazine – No.67, November 2015.
  • Communication from CAN to announce the new Chief Executive – Andy Dean.
  • CAN News – October 2015 Issue


150/15 Public Contribution



151/15 Any Other Matters for Discussion

GT reported that AONB had conducted a survey of the Common land for the Burgage Holders and there would be a forum (to be announced) to present the findings of this survey.


BB announced that after sixteen years of sterling service, John Hobbis had taken the difficult decision to retire. BB thanked John on behalf of the Parish Council and the Community of Alnmouth, for all of his hard work and support over the years.


152/15 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 8th December 2015 at 7.30pm in the Hindmarsh Hall.


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