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TUESDAY 8th November 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Bill Bourne (Chair) (BB), Nick Mattlock (Vice Chair) (NM), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD),

Ed Williams (EW), Neil Gale (NG), Mac McHugh (MM).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Heather Cairns (HC), John Taylor.



126/16 Apologies for Absence

  • Apologies were received from George Ternent and County Councillor Gordon Castle.


127/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  • NG proposed the minutes be accepted without amendment, MM seconded this, agreed by all.


128/16 Declaration of Interest

  • No declarations.


129/16  Matters Arising Out of Minutes

  1. Traffic and Parking
  • EW reported that he had done some research on ‘experimental orders’ and emphasised their advisory nature and the need for a central point of contact so that parishioners’ views could be taken into account. BB noted that the traffic management plan was on display in the Church.
  • The Clerk reported that NCC had asked for suggested locations to display the nineteen pages of the ‘experimental order’ for traffic and parking in Alnmouth.
  • John Taylor asked if the residents’ parking scheme in Argyle street would be going ahead and noted that it was possible to consult more widely than the residents of that street. HC reported that the residents had not been consulted yet.

Action: Clerk to suggest a booklet format for the nineteen page experimental order, when it goes on display. BB to put an article in the Village Newsletter to keep parishioners informed.


  1. Dr Joy’s Garden

BB noted that a stonemason was required to create a plinth.


  1. Painting of Beacon Pole

DD reported that following an investigation the rust was only surface deep but recommended waiting until next year and the drier weather to remove it; BB noted that the basket required some drainage holes.


  1. Bonfire Night

NM reported that the event had gone very well. Crowds had been down on last year but the weather forecast had played a large part in this. NM thanked all involved in the organisation and running of the event. DD suggested setting off the fireworks further back next year or even in the car park to avoid detritus on the golf course.


  1. Walks Brochures

The Clerk had contacted the ALHG and was awaiting a response.



130/16 Small Boathouse use

  • Adam Bell was unable to attend. BB reported that Jo Driscoll had contacted him to request an opportunity to present her project outline again, this time taking into account the Parish Council requirements. A number of options for use of the boathouse were discussed. It was agreed to give Adam Bell and Jo Driscoll a final opportunity to present their cases.

Action: BB to contact Jo Driscoll. Item to go on December agenda.



131/16  Parish Council Vacancies

  • BB noted that there were two vacancies and there had been two interested candidates.:
    1. Harvey Roberts
    2. Suzanne Gair
  • MM proposed accepting both candidates to the vacant posts, seconded by DD, agreed by all.

       Action: The Clerk to contact both candidates.



132/16 Remembrance Day Arrangements

  • The Clerk reported that road re-surfacing would not commence until Monday 14th November.
  • BB noted that at least three persons were required for traffic control; hi-vis jackets will be supplied. Volunteers so far were DD and John Hobbis.

Action: Clerk and DD to source a couple of additional helpers. Clerk to ensure the road sweeper from NCC has been to tidy up the road around the War Memorial prior to Sunday.


133/16 Prospect Place – Repairs

  • BB reported that NCC suggest we wait until SITA have responded regarding a grant and then report back to them.
  • BB noted the Parish Council could not adopt the road as it is not a highways authority.
  • BB noted that the residents of Prospect Place are on board with the plan and happy to contribute 50%, the question is just one of ownership. There was some discussion as to whether the cobbles were a road, path or public right of way.


134/16  Peases Park Repairs and Lease

  • NG noted that two of the invoices from Playdale were still incorrect and he would be contacting them for amended invoices.
  • BB reported that he had been in contact with Northumberland Estates regarding their proposed lease which had caused concern for the Parish Council. EW noted the current lease being offered did not provide security of tenure, as requested by NCC for the s.106 funds.
  • SM noted that she had found documentation which showed occupation of the land for the previous 80 years.

Action: HC to speak to Maureen Dixon at NCC and report back to the Clerk


135/16 Alnmouth Public Lavatories – The Future

  • BB noted that there is a strong possibility that the Parish Council will be asked to take on the cost of maintaining the toilets full time in future. With this in mind BB had been in touch with Julia Robson from Northumberland Estates regarding the possibility of taking on the lease for the building and he awaited a response.

Action: To go on December agenda


136/16 Council Matters

  • HC reported that the Core Strategy has been further delayed and is to go to consultation.
  • The use of the land on which County Hall stands is to go to public consultation.


137/16 Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

BB reported that artist applications are going ahead and planning for the 2017 festival is going well.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Clerk reported that displays will start going up on Saturday 19th.November.


  1. Village Maintenance
  • NM reported that he had received a quote from Youlls for the fencing and would circulate it for consideration.
  • The Clerk reported that Tony Derbyshire had responded regarding the gate and fence at the Bridge end entrance to Lover’s Walk and suggested removing them. It was agreed they should be repaired and remain in place as they were an important safety feature.
  • The Clerk reported on a plan to remove public telephone boxes by NCC . BB noted the telephone box in Alnmouth was Grade II listed.
  • BB noted that the damage to the wall surrounding Church Hill was worsening and suggested contacting Jessica Turner at AONB.

Action: Clerk to draft response to Tony Derbyshire for consideration and dissemination. Clerk to inform NCC that the public telephone box in Alnmouth could not be removed. Clerk to contact Jessica Turner regarding Church Hill wall.


  1. Hindmarsh Hall Fund
  • DD reported that design drawings from the architect are expected in December; expected costs are in the region of £3-5,000.


  1. Planning

Proposal: Tree Preservation Order application for crownlifting branches 10m from ground T1 Sycamore

Location: 17, Alnwood, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Bromham

Decision: GRANTED.


138/16 Finance

  1. The following invoices/expenses were presented. DD proposed that the invoices presented be paid, SM seconded this, agreed by all
  • Aurora DP  - £105
  • 1&1 (Website) - £23.99
  • Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £271.53 (27hrs + admin) – Clerk no longer works for the Arts Festival Committee. All hours worked are for the Parish Council.
  • Stamps - £3.84
  • NCC – Public Lavatories – Winter Opening = £2,400
  • Poppy Wreath = £19.00




£       IN

£    OUT


Boathouse Rates








Fireworks – Safety Equipment




Bonfire Night Donation – Burgage Holders








Petrol for Mower




Clerk’s Wage & Admin/Stationery




SLCC Subscription








CAN Donation




Alnmouth Parochial Council – Grass Cutting (2015 & 2016 contribution).



TOTAL = £9,754.03  Current Account                                   £3,965.40   Instant Reserve


139/16 Council Communications

  • AGE UK request for donation – to go on list for consideration when s.137 contributions are decided.
  • Great North Air Ambulance – as above
  • Alnwick Playhouse – As above
  • Vera Baird – A letter to inform local communities that she will be holding a public meeting to discuss refreshing her ‘Police and Crime Plan’ – meetings will be held on 23rd November (Morpeth) and 1st December.
  • Clerk’s and Councils Direct
  • The Clerk


140/16 Public Contribution

  • None


141/16 Any Other Matters for Discussion

  • The Clerk reported that she had met with SM and they were making enquiries with Parish regarding a quote for a cheaper alternative to the current website.


142/16 Date and Time of next Meeting

  • 13th December 2016, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.
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