TUESDAY 13th November 2018 at 7:00pm in the HINDMARSH HALL




138/18 Apologies for Absence

·         Notification from Councillors who are absent from this meeting.


139/18 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

          To consider approval or amendment of minutes of the meeting held on 9th October 2018.


140/18 Declarations of Interest


141/18 Public Contribution

To hear comments/representations from parishioners.


142/18 Matters Arising out of Minutes (To receive updates on the matters not appearing elsewhere on the agenda)

·         Bonfire Night

·         Arriva Buses


143/18 Finances

a) Parish Precept – To set the precept for 2019-20

b) To approve expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council as are deemed necessary.


144/18 Parish Council Vacancy

To discuss the advertising and co-option for the vacancy of a Parish Councillor.


145/18 Future of Public Conveniences

To discuss the Public Conveniences building on Marine Road.


146/18 Newsletter

To introduce the new editors and discuss future distribution.


147/18 Marquee Repairs, Booking Procedures & Insurance

To agree booking policy, repairs and future insurance.


148/18 Council Matters 

To receive update/report from County Council Representatives.


149/18 Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Christmas Lights

b)    Village Maintenance

·         Flower beds

·         Leaves on the streets & working parties

c)    Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee (inc Food Festival & Christmas Craft Fair)

·         To discuss grant application and future fundraising

d)    Planning

e)    Information Boards


150/18 Traffic/Parking/Car Park

To discuss any traffic or parking related matters affecting the village and a suggested car park.


151/18 Council Communications

To note communications sent and received by the council since the last meeting, for information only.


152/18 Any Other Matters for Discussion


153/18 Date & Time of Next Meeting



If any Alnmouth parishioners are present and wish to speak, at 8pm a period of 15 minutes will be set aside during the meeting to allow members of the public to speak. Each Alnmouth Parishioner will be allowed a maximum of four minutes.


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