TUESDAY 11th October 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Bill Bourne (Chair) (BB), Nick Mattlock (Vice Chair) (NM), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Ed Williams (EW), Neil Gale (NG), Mac McHugh (MM).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Gordon Castle (GC), Heather Cairns (HC).



110/16 Apologies for Absence

  • Apologies were received from George Ternent and Jill Fernback.


111/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  • NM proposed the minutes be accepted without amendment, SM seconded this, agreed by all.


112/16 Declaration of Interest

  • No declarations.


113/16  Matters Arising Out of Minutes

  1. Dr Joy’s Garden

Nothing to report.


  1. Parish Bus Shelter

BB had spoken to Rev. MacKarill and had it been agreed that until the traffic issues in the village had been resolved there was little point in pursuing this matter for now.


  1. Painting of Beacon Pole

DD reported that the matter was in hand.


  1. Bonfire Night

NM reported that organisation was going well. BB thanked the Burgage Holders for their generous donation of £250 towards the costs of the event and for permission to hold the event on the Common. Proceeds from the event to go to the Hindmarsh Hall fund.


  1. Walks Brochures

The Clerk reported a letter from The Historical Society regarding production of their free walks leaflet and its distribution. NM felt a meeting with the Historical Society to discuss matters would be useful.

Action: The Clerk to request a meeting.


  1. Prospect Place – Repairs to Cobbled Road.

BB reported information from NCC and NALC; who informed him that the Parish Council cannot adopt the road as we are not a Highway Authority. BB noted that, as a result, he had been in touch with Tony Derbyshire at NCC and would report back at the next meeting.

            Action: BB to report back at November meeting.


114/16 Small Boathouse use

  • Adam Bell was unable to attend.

Action: The item was deferred until November.



115/16  Traffic and Parking

  • HC outlined the scheme in full and noted that all aspects of the scheme were designed to address the traffic and parking issues facing the village and had been arrived at as a result of consultation with all parties. GC noted that the direction of the one-way system was designed to prevent drivers circling the village to find a parking spot. SM noted her concern that Arriva would withdraw their bus service in bad weather if they were forced to use Marine Road. A number of concerns were raised and questions asked about the methods of addressing concerns. HC and GC noted they were happy to be contacted by residents directly and their details could be obtained from the Clerk if necessary. HC noted that the Parish should give the scheme a fair try and such elements as the one-way system were experimental and could be changed if necessary.
  • Catherine Whyte noted that she was impressed with the Parish Council and NCC for addressing the issues so promptly.
  • John Taylor (retired traffic consultant) asked why all of the issues had to be addressed in one go and noted that he had provided a report on the issues facing the village. Mr Taylor did not think the problem had been well researched and felt that a lot of money had been spent to solve a relatively simple problem of congestion. Mr Taylor asked if the decision had been made by elected members of the County Council – HC noted it had been a delegated decision.
  • Sean Whyte asked when the work would start – GC confirmed it would start week commencing 14th November.
  • BB noted that whatever our reservations it was important to give the scheme a chance and he thanked HC and GC for all their hard work on the matter.


116/16  Peases Park repairs and Lease

  • BB noted that he had received advice from a solicitor regarding the terms of the proposed lease from Northumberland Estates. BB has spoken to Julia Robson and passed on the concerns of the Parish Council to her regarding ‘security of tenure’ and ‘protection from the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act’ – we await a response. GC noted that a 25yr lease was essential to acquiring the s.106 funds.
  • NG reported that repairs to the park equipment were now complete and we await final invoices from Playdale.
  • BB noted that the rotted benches have been removed.



117/16 Alnmouth Public Lavatories – The Future

  • BB outlined the history of this issue and noted the current situation is that the Parish Council pay approximately £2,000 per annum to keep the public toilets open over the winter period; this was only possible last year due to a generous donation from the Burgage Holders. BB noted that a recent meeting with NCC had informed him that they intend to pass the entire upkeep of the public toilets to the Parish Council next year. BB noted that at present the building itself is leased by Northumberland Estates to NCC on a full repair lease and that the interior and exterior require repairs. BB felt the building had some potential. A full discussion took place, including the potential for Leader Funds. BB has made enquiries with Northumberland Estates about their willingness to sell the building and will report back. BB noted it was unfair to ask residents to pay for public toilets via the Precept.

Action: To go on November agenda


118/16 Council Matters

  • GC had nothing to add as all items had already been discussed.


119 Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

MM reported that a meeting had been held to discuss funding the next festival.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Clerk reported that Kevin Maloney, the new headteacher of Hipsburn Primary School would be the Master of Ceremonies and the children at Hipsburn Primary would be making lanterns for Switch On night.

Santa is also booked to appear and hear Christmas wishes.


  1. Village Maintenance

The Clerk reported the costs involved in purchasing a replacement lawn mower. It was agreed to meet with the Burgage Holders to discuss the replacement mower.

Action: BB to report back at November meeting. NM will speak to Youlls regarding a quote for fencing around the seating area at the Duchess Bridge.


  1. Hindmarsh Hall Fund
  • BB handed over a cheque from Mary Hollins for £49 and cash for £321.30 to go into the fund as the result of her fundraising event, which altogether raised £521.30. The Chair will write to Mary Hollins to thank her for all her hard work for the Hindmarsh Hall.
  • DD reported a meeting had been held with the architect and drawings are being produced.


  1. Planning

Proposal: Tree Preservation Order application for crownlifting branches 10m from ground T1 Sycamore

Location: 17, Alnwood, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Bromham

Application Number: 16/03202/FELTPO

Case Officer: Strategic and Urban Development Management Team


Proposal: detached artist’s studio in rear garden

Location: 5 Scholefield Place, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Tom Batey

Application Number: 16/02592/FUL - GRANTED


120/16 Finance

The following invoices/expenses were presented. MM proposed that the invoices presented be paid, DD seconded this, agreed by all

  • Aurora DP  - £105
  • 1&1 (Website) - £23.99
  • Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £243.36
  • CAN Donation = £20
  • Church Grass Cutting (2015-16 and 2016-17 FY) = £400
  • Petrol for Mower - £21.22
  • SLCC Membership renewal = £77
  • Pen Drive = £7.20
  • Jimmy’s Fireworks = £479.88
  • Safety Tape = £9.70



£       IN

£    OUT


Boathouse Rates








External Audit – BDO








VAT Reclaim




Clerk’s Wage & Admin/Stationery







TOTAL = £10,806.38  Current Account                               £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


121/16 Council Communications

  • Historical Society – Letter from Adrian Ostler – already referred to above.
  • Jill Fernback – Letter of resignation. It was with sadness that the Clerk reported that Parish Councillor Jill Fernback had sent in her letter of resignation. BB thanked Jill for her hard work and commitment and noted he had sent her a response on behalf of the Parish Council. The Clerk personally thanked Jill for her hard work and support.

Action: Clerk to inform NCC Elections office of the vacancy.


122/16 Public Contribution

  • Six members of the public attended and contributed during the issue of ‘Traffic and Parking’.


123/16 Any Other Matters for Discussion

  • SM noted that she was making enquiries regarding cheaper alternatives to the current website and would report back to the next meeting.


124/16 Date and Time of next Meeting

  • 8th November 2016, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.
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