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TUESDAY 8th September 2015 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


Present: Bill Bourne (BB) (Chair), Nick Mattlock (NM), (David Denton (DD), George Ternent (GT), Donald Blythe (DB), Ed Williams (EW), John Hobbis (JH), Jill Brown (JB).


In Attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk) and County Councillors Heather Cairns (HC) and Gordon Castle (GC), Pat Murphy (PM).


106/15 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Calum Burns, Mac McHugh.


107/15 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

NM proposed acceptance of the minutes of 14th July, seconded by EW. Passed by all as a true record of the meeting.


108/15 Matters Arising out of the Minutes

·         4 Peases Gardens

No reply received from NCC. HC reported that she had spoken to Neil Mason but the ususal procedure was to wait untila purchasor conducted a Land registry search and then inform them of the covenant. BB noted that the property had been sold.


·         Painting of Beacon Pole

DD reported that this was a work in progress.


·         Information Boards

BB reported that the text and updates had gone to Helen Holden and progress was being made.


·         Dr Joy’s Garden

BB noted that the plinth required re-building. Agreed by all to put the work out to tender.


109/15 Declarations of Interest



110/15 Public Meeting Review

BB asked for the thanks of the Parish Council to be recorded to Heather Cairns for organising and charing the Public Meeting to discuss parking and traffic management in the village. HC noted that she would pass on the thanks to the NCC team who attended the meeting to provide information and answer questions. HC reported that she did not yet have minutes of the meeting but noted that there were two main issues to be dealt with now and a survey could be conducted at a later date, the two urgent issues being:

  1. Signage – EW noted that a larger sign, pointing the way to the Beach Car Park was necessary and PM noted that signs were required at the top of Riverside Road, half-way down Riverside Road and at the Boat Ramp.
  2. Double yellow lines – PM felt that these should be placed outside the Friary, where the cones are currently in place.


GC noted that he could fund a survey if the funds he had access to could be changed from capital to revenue funds.


BB noted that there had been no real enthusiasm for Resident Parking but that there had been some interest in a ‘one-way system’. GC noted that it would be useful to consult with interested parties such as Arriva and that it would be advisable to wait for the traffic survey. PM reported that he had prepared a response for the Local Transport Plan (LTP), which had a deadline of 25th September. HC noted that the Parish Council should emphasis that the suggestions were made with safety in mind. GC noted that our reponse was not a final decision but would get our views ‘on the radar’. GC reported that ‘Anti-social driving’ was an regular item on the LMAPs agenda.

Action: PM to return the Parish Council’s reponse to the LTP to NCC. HE to email HC and GC regarding anti-social driving.


111/15 Public Conveniences – Future Use

BB reported an email ahd been received from Louise Hayward at NCC which states that the current decision is to close the Public Toilets on Marine Road during the off-season from October to March. It was generally agreed that the village was still busy during this period and the public toilets were still in use. GC noted that the decision had been made due to the drastic reduction in the budget and whilst the Parish Council appeal, he was not hopeful. GC suggested placing a notice on the toilets, during the period they were closed, advertising the ‘Welcome Scheme’ and the businesses taking park in the village, who would allow the public to use their facilities. BB noted that an appeal would go in but felt the options for taking over the toilets should also be explored. GT asked if the Parish Council would get the money that NCC are prepared to put into running the toilets and GC responded that a dowry payment would probably be made but it weould be aone-off payment. BB noted that the toilets were in a dilapidated state and would require maintenance. Charging for use was dismissed as it would require staff to operate this.

Action: GC to look into Rural Development funding. HE to contact Paul Jones and invetigate the options for taking over the toilets and to organise a meeting.


112/15 – Small Boathouse – Future Use

BB reported that the lease currently held by Greg Galeski would  expire in February 2016 and Greg has asked for a decision on a future rental agreement. BB reported that Jo Driscoll has also enquired about use of the small boathouse to set up a Beach School. BB has received professional advice regarding an increase in the rent and that the lease should be a repairing lease. After a short discussion it was agreed that the Beach School was a good idea and that the idea should be looked in to. BB suggested that another option would be to give Greg a one-year lease with a six month notice period whilst options such as the Community Use/Beach School were explored. GT noted that the rental amount needed to be reviewed.

Action: Item to be placed on October agenda and Jo Driscoll to be invited to present a business case. HE to place a notice in The Gazette and Village Newsletter to state that the Parish Council are looking for bids to use the small boathouse for community use along the lines of the large boathouse.


113/15 Website

HE reported that the Parish Website address and URL had still not be transferred to the Parish Council and it was still owned by Nick Naylor.

Action: BB to meet with Nick Naylor and organise transfer of the website ownership.


114/15 Peases Park upgrade

HE outlined the response from Heather Proudlock that we still had s.106 money to spend and that bids must be for an item not yet bought (retrospective applications were not prermitted). The next deadline was and 20th November and two-three quotes were required.


NM suggested a basket swing and circulated a quote and specifications for a basket swing at a cost of £2,500 with an installation charge of £1,000. GT noted that he was in the process of obtaining quotes to have the current privet hedge removed and replaced, from Simon Rippon.


NM reported that the netting on the climbing frame required replacement.

Action: HE to obtain two further quotes for a basket swing. BB will assist in completion of the forms. Item to go on October meeting. HE to investigate cost of replacing the climbing frame netting.



115/15 County Council Matters

HC and GC reported on two items.

  • A ‘Pay-as-you-Throw’ waste disposal scheme is to be introduced.
  • Grass Cutting – not satisfactory this year; It had been taken in house. This area will be looked at next with a view to making improvements.


116/15 Reports From Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

JB reported that the next meeting will be on Thursday 10th Sept. JB is looking for a co-chair as she can no-longer offer as much time to the role as previously. DB noted that if people do not come forward to take on key roles on the committee, he feared for the future of the Arts Festival. JB suggested advertising in the Village Newsletter and the Gazette.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

HE reported that build nights were going well.


  1. Village Maintenance

DD asked if the damage to the Harbour Wall and the overgrown state of Lover’s Walk had been reported to NCC. BB reported a response from NCC that the vegetation on the path will not be cut and suggested contacting Northumbrian Water as well as Northumberland Estates regarding the wall, as any damage would affect their pipes.


DD asked if there was any progress in painting the Large Boathouse? BB reported that it had not been done yet. Colin Brison would be contacted for a firm date.


DD asked when the new planters would be put in place? BB reported that everything was ready but he was waiting until the end of the growing season before placing the planters on the Wynd.


GT noted that there were a number of blocked gulleys in the village.

Action: HE to contact Highways Dept. and ask them to look at the blocked gulleys. BB to contact Colin Brison regarding Boathouse.


  1. Planning

PM  reported on the following applications:

Permissions Granted

Application: 15/02155/LBC and 15/02156/FUL

Proposal: Partial removal of boundary wall to create car parking area off

Garden Terrace.

Location: Aln House, 17 Northumberland Street (site off Garden Terrace)

Applicant: Mr A. Ridley

Decision: Permission Granted – Some concerns were raised but in view of

consultees reports APC had no grounds for comments.


New Applications

Application: 15/01706/FUL

Proposal: 2 dormer windows

Location: 29 Riverside Road

Applicant: Mr Edwards


Application: 15/02697/FUL

Proposal: Single storey extension

Location: 4 The Pinfold

Applicant: Miss J. Brown


Application: 15/02730/FUL

Proposal: Glazed canopy

Location: 46, Northumberland Street (Hill Top)

Applicant: Mr J. Taylor


117/15 Finance

a)    To appove expenses, any invoices or expense claims received prior to or during the meeting and to discuss any other issues related to the finances of the Parish Council as are deemed necessary.


Approved by all.

  • NEED Subscription - £21
  • CAN donation - £20
  • Aurora Digital Print (newsletter)   £105
  • Clerk’s wage = £238.80 (INC £18 ADMIN)
  • Christmas Lights Fittings - £35.79
  • Petrol for Mower - £21.46
  • Aurora DP – Walks Brochures - £1,221

The Clerk provided a list of transactions by the Parish Council for July and August.








War Memorial Fund Surplus




Boathouse Rent




Transfer from Capital Savings




External Audit Costs




NALC Training








Picnic tables




Clerk – Wage, Admin & Travel Expenses




Playground Inspection




Clerk Training Course




Petrol for Mower




Boathouse Rent




Clerk – Wages & Admin








VAT Reclaim



TOTAL = £5,218.14     Current Account               £3,693.38 Instant Reserve


118/15 Council Communications

Receipt of the following communications was reported:

  • Request for Confirmation of bus routes changes through village X20 and X18

The routes of the X18 and X20 will change from September 27th as follows: The X18 will no-longer travel via Curly Lane and stop directly outside Alnmouth Station as the nature of Curly Lane, makes it difficult for the bus to negotiate it and this can sometimes have the effect of making the bus service unreliable. The X18 will now run along the A1068 through Hipsburn and it is proposed to have two new bus stops which will be located North of the roundabout so that passengers who require connections with rail services will only have a short distance to walk. If you wish to comment please visit the following web address: or write to Mr R. McKenzie, NCC, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF.


  • Email from Beaver Scouts – request for permission to carry out a litter-pick in the village. Agreed to litter-pick.

Action: HE to organise pickers, gloves and bin bags from NCC.


  • The Clerk Magazine – Sept 2015


119/15 Public Contribution



120/15 Any Other Matters for Discussion

JB reported that the Parish Council would be organising the firework display this year and although she had already begun contacting people, more people were needed to come on board and help. NM volunteered to join the committee. BB noted that a decision on which group would benefit from the funds raised by the firework/bonfire night; agreed by all that the beneficiary would be the Hindmarsh Hall Fund. DB suggested putting a notice in the Village Newsletter advising people of the date and when the bonfire could be built.

Action: Bonfire Night organisation to go on October agenda


121/15 Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was set for, Tuesday 13th October 2015 at 7.30pm in the Hindmarsh Hall.


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