TUESDAY 12th September 2017 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Neil Gale (NG), Susanne Gair (SG), Mac McHugh (MM), George Ternent (GT), William Gilroy (WG), Shaun Whyte (SW).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk).



108/17 Apologies for Absence

·         Apologies were received from: Harvey Roberts and County Councillors Gordon Castle and Robbie Moore.


109/17 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

·         MM proposed the minutes of the meeting 11th July be accepted, GT seconded this, agreed by all.


110/17 Declaration of Interest

·         No declarations.


111/17 Matters Arising Out of Minutes

a)    Church Hill Erosion

SW confirmed that he had corresponded with various concerned parties and was hopeful that the situation would be clarified soon.

Action: SW chase up and report back in October.


b)    Public Conveniences Building

NG reported that he had requested a site visit. ThE Clerk eported that NCC wished to know who occupied the stables next to the Public Conveniences.

Action: NG to chase up site visit. Clerk to contact NCC regarding stables building.


c)     Memorial Bench Survey and Request

DD and WG reported that they had conducted a survey and approximately 30 benches required stripping/painting/cleaning. DD agreed to organise volunteers to move the benches to the Boathouse. DD proposed painting the benches in pastel colours, seconded by GT, agreed by all.


The Clerk circulated a draft policy to be discussed with a view to adoption at the October meeting.

Action: DD to organise a plan of work. SW to get advice on painting the benches.


d)    Lovers’ Walk Maintenance

The Clerk reported that she had contacted NCC and they were of the opinion that strimming Lovers’ Walk was not their responsibility. DD suggested asking the Ramblers Association for assistance.


112/17  Parish Council Vacancy

  • The Clerk reported that there had been two applicants for the vacant position on the Parish Council. Following a closed ballot Jill Bourne was elected to the vacant post.
  • Action: Clerk to contact both candidates and inform them of the outcome.


113/17 Traffic Management and One-Way System

  • Six members of the public attended the meeting with concerns regarding reports of objections to the residential parking scheme. The discussion which followed raised the following points:

1.     Although there may have been objections, many of the residents, including those who attended the meeting, feel that the situation, regarding parking for residents of Argyle Street, had improved since the introduction of the residential parking scheme.

2.     NG noted that the Parish Council were aware of mixed views on the scheme and emphasised that the Parish Council were keen for a solution which benefited the whole village.

3.     A suggestion of a two-tier system was made which would involve no residential parking during the summer and residential parking during the winter. Another suggestion was residential parking during the evening and free to all during the day.

  • The Clerk reported one recent objection and promised to conduct further investigations to establish the total amount of objections/support there had been for the scheme.
  • SM noted that John Taylor had asked for feedback on the status of the Traffic group he is a part of. SM noted that NCC regarded the group members as members of the public with no additional status.
  • A discussion of the current system of traffic management in Alnmouth covered the following points:
    1. Could the 20minute time limit be removed.
    2. Reverse the one-way route and thus remove the accident black-spots on the Wynd and Peases Lane and re-instate lost parking and the two bus stops.
  • SM reported that a response was required on the Parish priorities for the Local Transport Plan and noted that this was difficult due to the fact that the deadline for comments on the traffic management scheme did not expire until November. The following points were agreed as important:

1.     Safety – Foxton Road – Mount Pleasant to the edge of the village.

2.     Flashing speed awareness signs (Marine Road, Foxton Road/Mount Pleasant, Shepherds Hill).

3.     Re-instatement of bus service.

Action: SM to ask John Taylor for the expected report from his Traffic Group NG and MM to ask Dan Fraser for feedback on the 20min parking zone and the residential parking scheme. SM to send response to NCC regarding Local Transport Plan.


114/17 Dr Joy’s Memorial Garden/Planters Maintenance

·         SW reported that he was happy with the team in place and noted that the hedge would remain at the height it was. DD noted that work was still required including the gravel and the Sun Dial.

Action: Clerk to place item in the newsletter asking for volunteers to help with additional work on Dr Joys Garden and the work on the Benches


115/17 RoSPA Playpark Safety Report

·     NG reported that he had addressed the height of the swings and the shackles. GT noted that he is obtaining estimates for the repairs to the Burma Bridge.

Action: GT to bring estimates to the October meeting.


116/17 Fence Repairs at Duchess Bridge View Point

·     The quotations available were considered. WG reported that he had surveyed the repairs necessary and suggested undertaking the work in-house. GT proposed that WG and DD should carry out the work, NG seconded this, agreed by all.

Action: WG and DD to undertake repairs to fence at view point. Clerk to chase up repairs to white gate at the top of Lovers’ Walk with NCC.


117/17  Information Boards

·     SG produced pro-formas of the Information Boards created by Helen Holden.

·     A discussion regarding the size of the boards followed as they are different sizes at present. MM noted that the size of the plinth would determine the size of the board. DD not we must ensure the boards are legible.

·     DD suggested obtaining weather-proof material for the bases.

·     Suggestion to re-site the board outside the Boathouse to a location on the other side of the road.

Action: Clerk to ask Burgage Holders about re-locating the board outside the Boathouse and possible funding of this. MM to check plinth sizes.


118/17  Council Matters

  • None.


119/17  Reports from Sub-Committees

a)    Arts Festival

·     MM reported that Andrew Scott would provide a summary of this year’s festival, including figures, at the October meeting.


b)    Christmas Lights

·     The Clerk reported that build nights had commenced and were proceeding well. Switch on night would take place on 2nd December.


c)     Village Maintenance

·         No further items other than those already mentioned.



d)    Hindmarsh Hall Fundraising Committee

·  DD reported that the survey had gone out in the latest Newsletter and the committee were awaiting the results.


e)    Planning

·         SW raised concerns regarding retrospective planning applications.

·         SM reported on two planning applications:


1. Number: 17/01968

    Applicant: Mr Edward Goodwin

    Location: Rock House, Foxton Road, Alnmouth, NE66 3BB.

    Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning application 16/14149/FUL – To

    insert window at first floor level and addition of two dormer windows to the West facing Pitched roof. 

    County Council decision: Permission granted.


      2. Number: 17/02474

          Applicant: Mrs Michelle Irvine

          Location: The Old Granary, 60 Northumberland Street, Alnmouth, NE66 2RS.

          Proposal: Retrospective – change of use from garage into holiday let.

          Case officer: North Area Team.

          Parish Council View: Neutral.


      3. Number: 17/02937/FUL

          Applicant: Prof. Stephen Lockley

          Location: 34, Northumberland Street, Alnmouth, NE66 2RA.

          Proposal: Re-contruction of existing cottage into two-storey house.

          Case officer: North Area Team.

          Parish Council View: Neutral with a request for a condition to re-instatement of road/pathway

               (currently in need of repair).


121/17 Finance

a)    The following invoices/expenses were presented. NG proposed that the invoices be approved for payment, GT seconded this, approved by all.

·         Aurora DP (Newsletter) - £185

·         1&1 (Website) - £23.99

·         Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £271.53 (27hrs + admin)

·         Plants (Secret Garden Fund) - £117.90

·         Pest removal service - £35




£       IN

£    OUT






Graham Hope – Boathouse Repairs




RoSPA – Playsafety Inspection




Clerk July Wage & Admin & Website




Marquee Hire




Clerk August Wage & Admin








H. Eccleston - Website & Stamps




Petrol – Mower




Pest Control



TOTAL = £10,431.20 Current Account                           £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


b)    The Clerk reported that she had expected the External Audit but it not arrived yet. To be considered at the October meeting.



122/17 Council Communications

  • Joint Meetings with Town/Parish Councils 19th Oct
  • Northumberland Town and Parish Councils Conference 5th October
  • Hindmarsh Hall – meeting booking information
  • Clerk’s and Councils Direct Sept 2017
  • Campaign to protect Rural England – Summer 2017

Action: Parish Councillors to decide who will attend meetings and/or conference and contact the Clerk.


120/17 Public Contribution

  • See Item 113/17.


123/17 Any Other Matters for Discussion

1. Bonfire Night

  • The Clerk will ask the Burgage Holders for permission to use their land.
  • SG agreed to join the sub-committee with Harvey Roberts.
  • DD will organise safety.


      2. Events Diary

·   SW noted that events had taken place in the village, such as the Coastal Marathon, which the Parish

    Council had not been informed of.

Action: Clerk to put together an events diary.


3.  Newsletter

·     NG suggested a current Parish Councillor shoul join the proor-reading team for the Newsletter and agreed to take on this role.

Action: Clerk to ask Terry Collinson to add NG to his pre-publication circulation list.


124/17 Date and Time of next Meeting

·         10th October 2017, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.


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