TUESDAY 13th September 2016 at 7:30PM in the HINDMARSH HALL


PRESENT: Bill Bourne (Chair) (BB), Nick Mattlock (Vice Chair) (NM), Sarah Murphy (SM), David Denton (DD), Ed Williams (EW), George Ternent (GT), Neil Gale (NG), Jill Fernback (JF), Mac McHugh (MM).


Also in attendance: Hazel Eccleston (Clerk), Gordon Castle (GC)



92/16 Apologies for Abscence

  • Apologies were received from Heather Cairns.


93/16 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  • SM proposed the minutes be accepted without amendment, EW seconded this, agreed by all.


94/16 Declaration of Interest

  • No declarations.


95/16  Matters Arising Out of Minutes

  1. Dr Joy’s Garden

BB had no report.


  1. Parish Bus Shelter

BB had no report from the Parochial Council as yet.


  1. Painting of Beacon Pole

DD noted that an inspection of the pole is required before painting can commence and this will be done soon.

Action: DD to organise inspection and report back to October meeting.


96/16 Small Boathouse use

  • Adam Bell attended and reported that he had updated his Business Plan. EW and NM noted some concerns about the Business Plan which Adam Bell agreed to address.

Action: Adam Bell to send the Clerk an updated Business Plan. Item to go on October      agenda.


97/16 Prospect Place – Repair of Road

  • BB reported that the residents of Prospect Place were keen to progress repairs to the cobbles. BB noted that grants were available but those, such as SITA, required a financial contribution from the road owner – which there was none. GC noted that Margaret Robinson at NCC should be contacted for advice.

Action: Clerk to contact NCC and place item on October agenda.


98/16 Peases Park Repairs and Lease

  • NG reported he is waiting for a new invoice from Playdale to reflect the revised work done and items sent. HE reported an email from a park user regarding a damaged bench.


  • EW is working on the s.106 application. BB noted that a stipulation of the s.106 application is proof of security of tenure for Peases Park. Northumberland Estates have no record of ownership but are prepared to give a 25 year lease. Concerns were raised that the lease does not include a renewal option.

Action: NG, GT and BB to inspect park and benches. NG to supply EW with s.106 material and breakdown of costs; Clerk to supply any invoices required. Item to go on October agenda. BB to consult with Northumberland Estates regarding the proposed lease.


99/16 Traffic and Parking

  • SM noted that the Argyle Street option is the only one the Parish Council have received and that options for the whole village need to be considered together in order to make an informed decision.

Action: Clerk to ask Margaret Robinson for full consultation details for the whole village. GC to ask Margaret Robinson for details of the options process and ask her to inform BB, SM and the Clerk. SM to draft letter to say we cannot respond to the Argyle Street options without full village options.



100/16 Alnmouth Public Lavatories – The Future

  • BB had met with representative from NCC at the Public Lavatories on Marine Road to discuss future ownership and maintenance. The intention of NCC is not to invest any further in the Lavatories and the likelihood is that they will be closed in future. BB noted the toilets are in a poor state of repair and NCC has a 50 year lease on the building (signed in 2009) with Northumberland Estates. BB noted the building required investment but had real potential. GC noted that revenue was being cut but capital was not. A number of investment and use options were discussed.

Action: BB to contact Northumberland Estates to discuss options. NG to investigate a structural review of the building.


101/16 Walks Brochures Sales

  • NM reported that sales of the ‘Walks Brochures’ were very much down, possibly as a result of similar, free, brochures.

Action: BB to speak to groups producing free walks brochures to ascertain their future intentions.


102/16 Bonfire Night Planning

  • JF reported that she had formed a small group, including the Red Lion, who were willing to put on a Bonfire Night this year. The Clerk reported that she had sent a letter to the Burgage Holders to ask their permission to use the Common for the event and had contacted Zurich Insurance to check that we had appropriate insurance cover.

Action: JF to organise a food, fireworks, risk assessment and first aid cover. DD and NM to organise a clean-up crew for after the event.


103/16 Council Matters

  • GC had nothing to add as all items had already been discussed.


104 Reports from Sub-Committees

  1. Arts Festival

BB reported that the new committee had lots of good ideas for next year’s festival and planning was already underway.


  1. Christmas Lights Committee

The Switch on night is scheduled for 3rd December at 5pm. Lights repairs are progressing well and there will be new displays this year. Storage of displays is under review in order to make access easier for the team. The preference would obviously be to continue use of the Boathouse and the Hindmarsh Hall, when build nights commence.


  1. Village Maintenance

BB reported that the fence around the Duchess Bridge seating area required replacement. BB reported that the gate and fence leading to Lover’s Walk also required replacement.


GT reported that the lawn mower was now five years old and required replacement. This would be a purchase to which the Burgage Holders would make a contribution.


NM reported that he has begun a survey of memorial seats and benches – looking at repairs and maintenance.

Action: BB to obtain a quote for fencing around seating area. Clerk to contact NCC regarding gate and fence on Lover’s Walk. GT to obtain lawnmower costs and report back to October meeting.


  1. Hindmarsh Hall Fund

BB handed over a cheque from Mary Hollins for £200 to go into the fund as the result of her fundraising. Thanks to be given to Mary for her hard work.


DD reported a meeting had been held with the architect but no figures were available as yet.


  1. Planning

Proposal: detached artist’s studio in rear garden

Location: 5 Scholefield Place, Alnmouth

Applicant: Mr Tom Batey

Application Number: 16/02592/FUL

Comments: No objection.

105/16 Finance

  1. The following invoices/expenses were presented. GT proposed that the invoices presented be paid, MM seconded this, agreed by all
  • Aurora DP  - £105
  • 1&1 (Website) - £23.99
  • Clerk’s Wage & Admin – £243.36
  • Stamps = £3.84
  • BDO External Audit Fee - £240









Boathouse rates








Website - July




Clerk’s Wage & Admin/Stationery




Hindmarsh Hall - Meetings




Parish Laptop Computer




Boathouse Rates




Petrol for Mower








Clerk’s Wage and Admin (inc backdated increase to April)




Team Basket Swing (cost to be reclaimed)




Website (August) + 1 year warranty on laptop




Marquee Hire



                TOTAL = £3,155.97 Current Account                           £3,704.17 Instant Reserve


MM noted that the monthly payments for the website seemed high and suggested researching a cheaper alternative.

Action: SM and Clerk to research the costs of an alternative to the current website.


106/16 Council Communications

  • Beach letter – A complaint from a visitor to Alnmouth regarding camping and unsocial behaviour on the beach at the base of Church Hill. The complainant has also written to the National Trust, whose responsibility this land is.
  • CAN request for donation – Clerk to check records and make the usual donation of £20
  • Email from Joanna Barnes – Bench in park – NG, BB and GT to investigate the state of the benches and remove any requiring repair/replacement.
  • Household Waste recovery changes – small poster to go on noticeboard
  • NCC Public Spaces Protection Order for the Control of Dogs – changes can be requested from the Clerk.
  • NHS Stakeholder Update
  • Domestic Abuse Poster/Letter from Northumbria Police.
  • The Clerk – September 2016
  • LCR Autumn 2016


107/16 Public Contribution

  • No members of the public attended.


108/16 Any Other Matters for Discussion

  • The Clerk reported that no calls had been made for an election and the Elections officer had informed her that the Parish Council was free to co-opt at their convenience.


109/16 Date and Time of next Meeting

  • 11th October 2016, 7:30pm, The Hindmarsh Hall.



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