Planning Policy

As a popular coastal village within the North Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Alnmouth’s main economic activity is tourism. The central core of the village is a designated Conservation Area with many Grade2-listed buildings. The Parish Council fully appreciates the importance of tourism to the village and the benefits gained by the community as a whole in terms of having, apart from employment opportunities, shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants which are viable only because of tourism, so it works with the local businesses to promote the village and the services offered to visitors.


Over 40% of dwellings in the parish are second-homes or holiday lets, a proportion which is slowly increasing, and the Parish Council is very concerned to ensure that the present lively and active residential community is sustained. Recent collaboration with Northumberland Estates, who are the major landowner in the Parish, has resulted in their proposal to build 10 holiday apartments on the Foxton Road being changed to 10 residential apartments, while on the other side of the road a development of 13 houses will include 7 affordable homes. There are also 33 dwellings in the village which were built by the local authority, some of which are still publicly-owned while others have been sold and are now privately owned. These latter are subject to covenants restricting their use to residential purposes. The Parish Council intends to ensure that these covenants are enforced by the County Council so that these dwellings continue as homes rather than becoming holiday letting businesses.


The Parish Council receives notice of all planning applications relating to the parish from Northumberland County Council, which is the Planning Authority for this area. In considering its response to these the Parish Council strives to represent the parish community as a whole. Factors which affect the Council’s position will include:


  • Its aim to maintain a viable residential population in a holiday village
  • Any impact on the Conservation Area or listed buildings
  • Any impact on the visual appearance of the village
  • Any impact on the level of parking provision in the village or other road traffic issues
  • Its policy of protecting the residential purpose of the former social housing


The Parish Council is always prepared to discuss a planning proposal in advance of any formal application to the County Council. To do so please contact the Planning Sub-Committee via the Parish Clerk.


County Council planning arrangements, together with details of current applications, can be found by on their website ( ). Details of applications can be accessed by finding “Council Planning Application Search” and following the instructions. Alnmouth applications are the responsibility of the Northern Area Planning Committee.

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